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1. Ovation Prime Real-Time [gov.noaa.ngdc.stp.ionosphere.OPRT]
The Ovation Prime Real-Time (OPRT) product is a real-time forecast and nowcast model of auroral power and is an operational implementation of the work by Newell et al (2009). OPRT is run every 5 minutes ...

2. 1886 Charleston, USA Images []   PARENT DIF
Generally referred to as August 31, 1886, as the earthquake occurred at 9:51 pm local time. Eight minutes later there was a severe aftershock. This was the most damaging earthquake to occur in the ...

3. 1906 San Francisco, USA Images []   PARENT DIF
The 1906 San Francisco earthquake was the largest event (magnitude 8.3) to occur in the conterminous United States in the 20th Century. Recent estimates indicate that as many as 3,000 people lost ...

4. 1915 Pleasant Valley, USA Images []   PARENT DIF
Oblique-slip fault produced during the 7.7 magnitude earthquake of 1915, Pleasant Valley, Nevada.

5. 1925 Clarkston Valley, USA Images []   PARENT DIF
Location: east of Helena. Affected area: 803,000 square kilometers. Damage: $0.3 million. Chimneys fell in every direction from the shaking. In addition, brick and mortar structures were damaged. ...

6. 1933 Long Beach, USA Images []   PARENT DIF
5 kilometers southwest of Newport Beach. Seriously affected area: 1,200 square kilometers. Damage: $40 million. Schools were among the buildings most severely damaged because they were not designed ...

7. 1935 Helena, USA Images []   PARENT DIF
Location: almost directly beneath Helena. Affected area: 363,000 square kilometers. Damage: $4 million. A series of earthquakes beginning on October 3, 1935, shook the area. The strongest of the shocks ...

8. 1946 Unimak Island, USA Images []   PARENT DIF
On April 1, 1946, at 12:29 [local time] a rather strong magnitude 7.4 earthquake occurred with source to the south of Unimak Island, causing one of the most destructive tsunamis in the Pacific Ocean.

9. 1952 Kamchatka Peninsula, Russia Images []   PARENT DIF
The tsunami was generated by a magnitude 9.0 (Mw) earthquake on Kamchatka where it caused severe damage. The tsunami then struck Midway (3,000 kilometers away), the Hawaiian Islands (5,200 kilometers ...

10. 1952 Kern County, USA Images []   PARENT DIF
South of Bakersfield. Affected area: 414,000 square kilometers. Damage: $50 million. This was the main shock of the series of earthquakes that struck this area. It was the largest earthquake in the ...

11. 1957 Aleutian Islands, USA Images []   PARENT DIF
The magnitude 8.6 (Mw) earthquake occurred south of the Andreanof Islands, in the Aleutian Islands. It generated an 8-meter tsunami that did great damage on Adak Island, especially to the fuel and ...

12. 1959 Hebgen Lake, USA Images []   PARENT DIF
The magnitude 7.1 earthquake killed 28 people and caused $11 million property damage. Affected area: 1,554,000 sq km

13. 1960 Puerto Montt, Valdivia, Chile Images []   PARENT DIF
On May 22, 1960, a Mw 9.5 earthquake, the largest earthquake ever instrumentally recorded, occurred in southern Chile. The series of earthquakes that followed ravaged southern Chile and ruptured over ...

14. 1964 Niigata, Japan Images []   PARENT DIF
The magnitude 7.4 earthquake killed 26 and destroyed 3,018 houses and moderately or severely damaged 9,750 in Niigata prefecture.

15. 1964 Prince William Sound, USA Images []   PARENT DIF
The earthquake was one of the largest earthquakes ever recorded on the North American Continent. It was a magnitude 8.4 earthquake, felt over 500,000 square miles. This great earthquake and ensuing ...

16. 1965 Seattle, USA Images []   PARENT DIF
The magnitude 6.5 earthquake killed 7 and caused 12.5 million in property damage.

17. 1967 Caracas, Venezuela Images []   PARENT DIF
The magnitude 6.6 earthquake killed 240 and caused $50 million in property damage.

18. 1968 Meckering, Australia Images []   PARENT DIF
The magnitude 6.8 earthquake caused $2.2 million in property damage. This earthquake was particularly efficient in the generation of surface waves.

19. 1968 Southeast of Hawaii, USA Images []   PARENT DIF
This major (magnitude 7.9) earthquake caused 77 deaths (tsunami, 46; landslide, 31). It knocked almost all wooden houses off their foundations in the Keiawa, Punaluu, and Ninole areas.

20. 1970 Huaraz, Peru Images []   PARENT DIF
In 1970, an earthquake-induced rock and snow avalanche on Mt. Huascaran, Peru, buried the towns of Yungay and Ranrahirca. The magnitude 7.8 earthquake killed 66,794 and caused $250 million in property ...

21. 1971 San Fernando, USA Images []   PARENT DIF
The magnitude 6.7 earthquake killed 66 and caused $0.5-1.0 billion property damage.

22. 1973 Veracruz, Mexico Images []   PARENT DIF
South of Veracruz, southeastern Mexico. Damage: Severe. The earthquake caused heavy damage in the states of Morelos, Puebla, and Veracruz. Thousands were left homeless.

23. 1974 Lima, Peru Images []   PARENT DIF
Near coast of central Peru. Damage: Extensive. Over 2,000 were injured.

24. 1975 Kilauea, USA Images []   PARENT DIF
Two earthquakes occurred in the morning on Hawaii Island. The first earthquake (3 hours 36 minutes local time, 5.1 Ms, epicenter near the Kilauea crater) awakened the entire population of the island. ...

25. 1975 Lice, Turkey Images []   PARENT DIF
Eastern Turkey. A magnitude 6.7 earthquake that struck the Turkish district of Lice at 12:20 local time (09:20 UTC) on September 6, 1975, killing 2,311 people. The epicenter was located near the town ...

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