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1. A curious herbal. Vol 1-2 [MBG1]
Containing five hundred cuts, of the most useful plants, which are now used in the practice of physick engraved on folio copper plates, after drawings taken from the life by Elizabeth Blackwell. To ...

2. A description of the genus Cinchona, comprehending the various species of vegetables from which the Peruvian and other barks of a similar quality are taken. [MBG2]
A description of the genus Cinchona, comprehending the various species of vegetables from which the Peruvian and other barks of a similar quality are taken. Illustrated by figures of all the species ...

3. A general history of the Dichlamydeous plants: Comprising complete descriptions of the different orders, according to the natural system. Vol 1-4 [MBG8]
A general history of the dichlamydeous plants: comprising complete descriptions of the different orders, the whole arranged according to the natural system. Includes the following volumes: I. Thalamiflorae.--II-III. ...

4. A monograph of Odontoglossum (1874) [MBG3]
Contains a botanical monograph of the orchids Genus Odontoglossum

5. A monograph of the genus Lilium (1877-1880) [MBG4]
Botanical monograph of the genus Lilium, Liliaceae

6. A selection of Hexandrian plants, belonging to the natural orders Amaryllidae and Liliacae [MBG5]
Contains scientific informations with descriptions and drawings of Hexandrian plants (Amaryllidae and Liliaceae). Each plate accompanied by descriptive letterpress. This also contains drawings of ...

7. A voyage to the islands Madera, Barbados, Nieves, S. Christophers and Jamaica, with the natural history of the herbs and trees, four-footed beasts, fishes, birds, insects, and reptiles (Vol 1-2) [MBG6]
Contains set of notes about the trip: natural history of the herbs and trees, four-footed beasts, fishes, birds, insects, reptiles. Account of the inhabitants, air, waters, diseases, trade, of that ...

8. A voyage towards the North Pole undertaken by his Majesty's command [MBG7]
Natural history descriptions about this expedition in the North Pole

9. An illustration of the genus Cinchona; comprising descriptions of all the officinal Peruvian barks including several new species. Baron de Humboldt's Account of the Cinchona forests of South America. [MBG9]
Describes different species of quinquina, an account of the spikenard of the ancients of South America. 181 p., [5] folded leaves of plates

10. Annals of the Missouri Botanical Garden. [MBG10]
Contains scientific contributions from the Missouri Botanical Garden and the Graduate Laboratory of the Henry Shaw School of Botany of Washington University

11. Biologia Centrali-Americana: Zoology, Botany and Archaeology (1879-1915; various texts) [MBG11]
Descriptions of explorations, plates, drawings and fieldnotes about natural history of Central America.

12. Bulletin of the Torrey Botanical Club. Vol 1-19 [MBG12]
Includes Index to American botanical literature; Life science collections; Selected water resources abstracts; Energy information abstracts; Environmental abstracts; Geological references; Biological ...

13. Contributions from the United States National Herbarium. Vol 1-53 [MBG14]
Contains plants description of the United States, a contribution from the United States National Herbarium. Vol 1-53

14. Curtis's botanical magazine. Vol 11-146 [MBG15]
Contains flower-garden displayed, in which the most ornamental foreign plants are accurately represented in their natural colors, from 1845 to 1983. Furthermore, this magazine includes plants of the ...

15. Darwinian descriptions of insectivorous plants [MBG16]
Contains scientific contributions from Charles Darwin about Insectivorus plants assimilation.

16. Darwinian papers on pollination (1861-1869) [MBG17]
Contains information about fertilization and dimorphism in plants, Orchidaceae, Primulaceae, Lythraceae

17. Descriptions and figures of unpublished East Indian plants (Vol. 1, 2 and 3 in Plantae Asiaticae rariores) [MBG18]
Contains descriptions and figures from selected number of unpublished East Indian plants. There is also 300 lithographed plates; 1-295 of plant illustrations, and 296-300 maps.

18. Edwards' botanical register (illustrations) Vol., 15-33. (1829-1847) [MBG19]
Botanical register consisting of colored figures of ornamental flower-garden and shrubs, which were cultivated in British gardens. This register also includes hand-painted plates, v. 15-32 are copper ...

19. Flora boreali-americana. Vol 1-2 [MBG20]
This compilation contains the flora borealis-americana, or, the botany of the Northern parts of America: compiled principally from the plants collected by Dr. Richardson & Mr. Drummond on the late ...

20. Flora of Chile. Vol. 1-6 (1896-1911) [MBG21]
Contains Systematics and taxonomy compilations of the Chilean flora since 1896 to 1911.

21. Flora of Southeastern United States [MBG26]
Flora of Southeastern United States: descriptions of seed-plants, ferns and fern-allies growing naturally in North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi, Arkansas, ...

22. Flora of Tropical Africa. Vol 1-8. (1868-1901) [MBG23]
Contains several descriptions related to families of the African Tropical flora from 1868 to 1901. This on-line book also Includes: v. 1. Ranunculaceae to Connaraceae.--v. 2. Leguminosae to Ficoideae--v. ...

23. Flora of the Caribbean [MBG22]
This on-line book contains descriptions of The Caribbean flora from 1864. Originally issued in parts, 1859-1864; p. 1-192, 1859; p. 193-315, 1860; l. 315-506, 1861; p. 507-789, preface, 1864. (Cf. ...

24. Genera of European and North-American Bryineae (Mosses; Bryophytes) [MBG24]
Bryophytes in 1897 of Europe and North America.

25. Iconography of the Cactaceae. [MBG46]
This work was published 1841-1847 and is exceptionally rare (only 11 copies on record). Lemaire envisioned a work of some 200 plates but managed only sixteen in this work. This particular copy has ...

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