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1. Areas of Critical Environmental Concern in Western Alaska, BLM [EARTH_LAND_EROS_BLM_Environment]
The data base contains land cover of selected areas of critical environmental concern falling within certain watersheds within the specified geographical coverage. The data is organized by 7 1/2 ' ...

2. Climatology Data From the Alaska Climate Research Center [ALASKA_CLIMATE_ACRC]
The Alaska Climate Research Center offers various climatology datasets for stations in the state of Alaska. Daily climate data for the city of Fairbanks is available from 1917 to the present. ...

3. Historical Weather Data for Alaska [ALASKA_WEATHER]
The Alaska Climate Center (ACC) houses the historical weather records for the state of Alaska (mostly official U.S. Government data). These are in the form of raw handwritten data, summarized ...

Showing 1 through 3 of 3
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