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51. Quicklook Swath Browser from Canada Centre for Remote Sensing [Canada_CCRS_QuickSwathBrowser]
The Quicklook Swath Browser is designed to view and download Quicklook remote sensing imagery in a swath-based format. It supports imagery from Radarsat 1, Landsat 7 and the NOAA/AVHRR series of satellites. ...

52. Rice Ecosystem of Cambodia [BANd0141_113]
Rice Ecosystem of Cambodia with national boundary from WBDII. The maps were interpreted from Landsat-5 TM (1989-90) false color composite of Ch.2,3,4 with ground verification in 1990-91.

53. SOHO/Variability of Solar Irradiance and Gravity Oscillations (VIRGO) Data Archive [SOHO_VIRGO]
The VIRGO Experiment on the ESA/NASA SOHO Mission has three types of instruments to measure total solar irradiance (TSI) with the absolute radiometers DIARAD and PMO6V, spectral solar irradiance at ...

54. Selected Farm Machinery Statistics [USDA0334]
The "Selected Farm Machinery Statistics" dataset contains annual and monthly farm machinery time series data obtained from several government agencies and one domestic trade organization. Farm machinery ...

55. State-level Crop Production Costs and Machinery Use Data, USDA/ERS [USDA_92013]
To provide data concerning crop production cost, return estimates, and machinery use in the U.S. "State-level Crop Production Costs and Machinery Use Data" contains cost of production data by selected ...

56. Testing if a greenhouse can be used in Antarctic conditions [K024_1979_1980_NZ_4]
A glasshouse was constructed in the Taylor Valley made out of wood and three sheets of plastic to determine if plants were able to be grown in Antarctic conditions.

57. The Atlas of Canada - 5th Edition National Atlas of Canada [Canada_CCRS_NatlAtlas5thEd]
The Fifth Edition of the National Atlas of Canada consisted of 93 separate, stand-alone maps that were published between 1978 and 1995. The maps covered a wide range of subjects, ...

58. The Center for Advanced Spatial Technologies National Database of GIS Data [CAST_NSD]
The Center for Advanced Spatial Technologies (CAST) National Database of GIS data presented here have been collected at The Center for Advanced Spatial Technologies (CAST) with funding provided from ...

59. The comparison of usage and availability measurements for evaluating resource preference (PREFER) [NPWRC_PREFER]
The program PREFER performs calculations described in Johnson (1980) to determine the preference of J individuals for I components (for example, habitat types or kinds of foods) using availability ...

60. U.S. State Agricultural Profiles [USDA0042]
The statistical tables on this disk includes information on all 50 states and the U.S. published in ERS Statistical Bulletin No. 865. "U.S. State Agricultural Data", September 1993 (available from ...

61. Value of Land and Buildings Per Acre [USDA0022]
"Value of Land and Buildings per Acre" contains information on counties and states data from the Census of Agriculture for selected years from 1850 to 1992. The database consists of 3 tables in Lotus ...

62. Variability of Ocean Ecosystems around South America [VOCES]
The overall goal of this project is to assess the impact of climate variability—both natural and anthropogenic—on the Humboldt, Patagonia, and South Brazil Large Marine Ecosystems. These ecosystems ...

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