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51. World Agriculture: Trends and Indicators, 1961-1991 [USDA0037]
"World Agriculture: Trends and Indicators, 1961-1991" was developed for the purpose of providing basic, reliable up-to-date references and comparative information on world, regional and individual ...

52. USDA Costs of Production (Field Crops, Dairy, Hog, Cow-Calf) [USDA0056]
USDA's costs-of-production (COP) data series dates back to 1975. This data base is a compilation of these costs from 1975 through 1995. Twelve major field crops, dairy, hogs and cow-calf ...

53. Agricultural Export/Import Statistics (BICO Report) [USDA0556]
The purpose of "Agricultural Export/Import Statistics (BICO Report)" is to provide an overview of U.S. agricultural export data on a variety of products. This Report provides U.S. agriculture export ...

54. Static World Policy Simulation Model (SWOPSIM) Database [USDA0502]
The "Static World Policy Simulation Model (SWOPSIM) Database" is a global database for studies of agricultural trade liberalization. The database contains 1989 data for 22 commodities. ...

55. Long-term Agricultural Baseline Projections Tables [USDA0323]
The "Long-term Agricultural Baseline Projections Tables" report provides long-run baseline projections for the agricultural sector through 2005 that incorporate provisions of the Federal Agriculture ...

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