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51. The neural biology of Antarctic fish: Measurements of the neural activity from fish semicircular canals in response to head movement [K012_1983_1984_NZ_1]
The input and outputs of a well defined reflex pathway (the vestibulo-ocular reflex - VOR) was described in Antarctic fish to assess the mechanisms of neural cold adaptation at low temperatures. The ...

52. The respiratory physiology of Antarctic fish: resting metabolism, dermal respiration and haemoglobin denaturation investigations [K012_1984_1985_NZ_3]
Metabolic studies were made on 4 common species of notothenioids; Pagothenia borchgrevinki, Trematomus bernacchii, T. centronotus, T. hansoni and on one zoarcid species Rhigophila dearborni. Fish ...

53. The terrestrial, marine and freshwater microalgae from Antarctica: biodiversity, physiological and molecular aspects. [MicroalgaeAntarctica]
This data set describes the research carried out from 1988 to 2003 on samples collected in the sea (Terra Nova Bay and Wood Bay), in several lakes (Edmonson Point, Markham Island, Inexpressible Island, ...

54. The thermal acclimation ability of notothenioid fish species [K058_2007_2008_NZ_2]
Several individuals of Trematomus bernacchii and Pagothenia borchgrevinki were captured and used in an experiment to understand the ability of these fish to acclimate to increased temperatures. Individuals ...

55. The viscosity of the endolymph in Pagothenia borchgrevinki and Dissostichus mawsoni to assess the relative degrees of cold compensation at different stages in the vestibulo-ocular reflex arc [K012_1988_1989_NZ_3]
Endolymph (inner ear fluid) from the semicircular canals was collected from Pagothenia borchgrevinki and Dissostichus mawsoni by dissecting the mid brain to expose the intact vestibular apparatus. ...

56. Tissue collection for molecular and morphological phylogenetics of Antarctic fishes [K012_1989_1992_NZ_2]
Tissue was collected for molecular analysis of evolutionary relationships in the notothenioids. Material from 10 notothenioids and 2 zoarcids was collected and analysed.

57. Video recordings of underwater tracks of fish approaching an olfactory stimulus released into the water column to determine the search strategy used by Antarctic fish [K012_1995_1996_NZ_2]
Two branches exist in the mechanosensory lateral line in Antarctic fish: the canal system and superfiscial neuromasts. Behavioural evidence shows that the canal system is used for prey detection but ...

58. CAB Abstracts of Agricultural and Biological Data [USDA0426]
"CAB Abstracts" is a comprehensive bibliographic database of agricultural and biological data from all journals published by CAB International. Material abstracted and in the database include scientific ...

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