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51. Turkey Lakes Tolerant Hardwoods Ecosystem Research Project, Ontario, Canada [Canada_CFS_TLTolHardwoodEcoRese]
The 1000 ha Turkey Lakes Watershed study area was established in 1979 to study the impacts of the long-range transport of air pollutants (LRTAP) on aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems. LRTAP impacts ...

52. Western Oregon, Forestry Breeding Units [BLM_OR_WASH_GIS_FOREST_BREEDING]   PARENT METADATA
A forestry breeding unit map (FBU) delineates the boundary of each breeding unit. Having an FBU map allows for long range planning of genetically improved seed needs as identified in harvesting plans. ...

53. White Pine and Red Pine Silvicultural Study, Ontario, Canada [Canada_CFS_RedPineWhitePine]
The forests of this region were harvested during European settlement of the Canadian Shield during the 1800's. Majestic white and red pines yielded ship masts and square timbers for export and many ...

54. Wood Production in Europe [EEA_WOOD_PROD]
This data on wood production in Europe includes data for roundwood and industrial roundwood, for coniferous and non-coniferous species. All woods derived from trees classified botanically ...

55. LBA-ECO ND-11 Pre-harvest Forest Tree and Liana Biomass, NW Mato Grosso, Brazil: 2003 [LBA_ND11_TVBIOMASS]
The purpose of this study was to determine if spatially-explicit commercial timber inventories (CTI) could be used in conjunction with satellite imagery to improve timber assessments and forest biomass ...

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