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51. Shelterwood Removal and Mowing Study, Northeastern U.S. [USDA.FS.NERS.Shelterwood]
Objective: 1) To determine the amount of damage to the understory caused by the removal of a hold-over stand. 2) To determine the effect of complete exposure on the survival of various species in ...

52. Study FS-NC-4154-88-02 (Reproduction Following Clearcutting) [USDA0179]
The purpose of this data set is to measure and monitor reproduction following clearcutting. Ecology and silviculture data are included. The data are used to monitor forest vegetation dynamics following ...

53. Total Annual Increment In Forestry for Europe [EEA_FOREST_INCREMENT]
The total annual increment in forestry for Europe is defined as the average annual volume of increment over the reference period of all trees measured to a minimum diameter breast height of 0 centimeters. ...

54. Wood Production in Europe [EEA_WOOD_PROD]
This data on wood production in Europe includes data for roundwood and industrial roundwood, for coniferous and non-coniferous species. All woods derived from trees classified botanically ...

55. LBA-ECO ND-11 Pre-harvest Forest Tree and Liana Biomass, NW Mato Grosso, Brazil: 2003 [LBA_ND11_TVBIOMASS]
The purpose of this study was to determine if spatially-explicit commercial timber inventories (CTI) could be used in conjunction with satellite imagery to improve timber assessments and forest biomass ...

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