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51. Carbon Cycle-Greenhouse Gases data (CCGG) [CMDL_CCGG]
CCGG (Carbon Cycle-Greenhouse Gases) Data The NOAA CMDL Carbon Cycle Greenhouse Gases group makes ongoing discrete measurements from land and sea surface sites ...

52. Fluxnet-Canada [FLUXNET_CANADA]
Fluxnet-Canada is a national research network bringing together university and government scientists to study the influence of climate and disturbance on carbon cycling along an east-west ...

53. Sensitivities to Climate Change in Canada [Canada_GSC_SensitClimateChange]
This collection of maps illustrates possible environmental outcomes that could occur as a result of the doubling of current levels of carbon dioxide (CO2). Potential ...

54. Physical and chemical properties and processes of boundary layer aerosols at Aboa, Queen Maud Land [Boundary_layer_aerosol_properties_at_Aboa_QML]
Physical and chemical properties of boundary layer aerosols have been measured at the Finnish Antarctic research station Aboa in Queen Maud Land (73 degrees 03' S, 13 degrees 25' W). The measurements ...

55. Front Range Lidar and Balloon (FRLAB) Experiment 3 from the NOAA Air Resources Laboratory [OAR0121]
This data set archives the results of an experiment conducted along the Front Range in Colorado and Wyoming to measure the concentration of black carbon in the atmosphere.

56. Mass. Institute of Technology (MIT) Greenhouse Gas Emissions Scenarios for 1995-2100 (CO2, CH4, N2O, SF6, PFC, HFC, NOx, SOx, CO, NMVOC, NH3) at 5 yr intervals [MIT_Emissions_Scenarios]
A set of three (low, high, reference) emissions scenarios for CO2, CH4, N2O, SF6, PFC, HFC, NOX, SOX, CO, NMVOC, NH3 and carbonaceous particulates from 1995 through 2100 at 5 year intervals, provided ...

57. Climate model data [KPDC-MD-2006-009]
This is a climate modeling data for the modern, mid-Holocene, the LGM. The dataset includes temperature, precipitation, wind fields, etc.

58. The Army Lidar Verification Experiment Series (ALIVE)I-V 1989-1990 from the NOAA Air Resources Laboratory [OAR0115]
ALIVE I-V was a series of five experiments conducted in collaboration with the U.S. Army at White Sands, New Mexico. Data measuring the concentration of atmospheric aerosols were received from a ...

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