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1. RETRO Emissions Inventory [GEIA_RETRO]
Within the RETRO project, global gridded data sets for anthropogenic and vegetation fire emissions of several trace gases were generated, covering the period from 1960 to 2000 ...

2. Atmospheric H2 Concentrations from the CSIRO GASLAB Flask Sampling Network, in CDIAC Online Trends [CDIAC_TRENDS_H2_CSIRO_GASLAB]
The atmospheric hydrogen (H2) data have been obtained from flask air samples returned to the CSIRO GASLAB for analysis. Typical sample storage times range from days to weeks for some sites (e.g., ...

3. CSIRO GASLAB Network: Individual Flask Measurements of Atmospheric Trace Gases, CDIAC/DB1021 [CDIAC_DB1021]
Data are available for four atmospheric trace gases at nine stationary sites and one moving platform (aircraft over Cape Grim, Tasmania, and Bass Strait, between the Australian continent and Tasmania). ...

4. Concentrations of atmospheric and oceanic molecular H2 : 2013 the Ross Sea [KPDC_CAOMH_ANTARCTIC_2013]
Atmospheric and oceanic molecular hydrogen in the marine boundary layer was monitored from January 26 to February 28 by the RGA3 along the cruise track of R/V Araon from Christchurch to McMurdo carrying ...

5. Ether Thematic Centre for Atmospheric Chemistry Data Products [FR_ETHER_THEMATIC_CHEMISTRY_PARENT]
[Source: Ether Thematic Centre for Atmospheric Chemistry, The French scientific community has decided that the best way of tackling the environmental ...

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