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51. Billa Billa Fallow Management Experiment, Queensland, Austrailia [QWRI.BillaBilla]
The Billa Billa Folow Management Experiment was initiated in 1983. The soil parent material at the site consists of cretaceous sediments (lithic sandstone). The native vegetation was cleared in 1971. ...

52. Register of Antarctic Marine Species [SCAR-MarBIN] [SCARMarBIN_RAMS]   PARENT DIF
The objective of the Register of Antarctic Marine Species (RAMS) is to compile and manage an authoritative taxonomic list of species occurring in the Antarctic marine environment, for establishing ...

53. Colombian Museum of Natural Marine History (MHNMC) - South America [INVEMAR_MHNMC]
Colombian Museum of Natural Marine History (MHNMC) of the Coastal and Marine Research Institute - INVEMAR - is the main collection of marine species of Colombia. Through the MHNMC, INVEMAR has ...

54. Long Term Experiment No. 2, Soil Organic Matter Network, England [IACR.No2]
This experiment was initiated in 1965 at a site that has been in arable use for a very long time. The land use in this experiment consists of a cropping sequence: Sugar beet, Spring oats, Winter wheat, ...

55. Benthonic Annelida of Ross Sea [Benthonic_Annelida_of_Ross_Sea]
Taxonomical studies of smaller marine infaunal Annelida from benthos sediments near Terra Nova Bay sampled during 1989 and 1989 summers.

56. Vermont ANR Biomonitoring Database [VTANR_BIOLOGICALMONITORING]
This data includes community metrics from fish and macroinvertebrates from running waters of Vermont. Some habitat and water chemistry data is also included.

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