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1. Phytoplankton Data Collected During CPR Tows of the Southern Ocean - Australian Antarctic Division Copy [ASAC_4107_Phytoplankton]
Data are "phytoplankton counts" for each phytoplankton taxon observed, from the CPR samples collected by the Southern Ocean CPR Survey projects 472 and 4107 (Hosie et al. 2003). The SAHFOS on-silk ...

2. Coordinated Eastern Arctic Experiment (CEAREX) Data [NSIDC-0020]
CEAREX was a multi-platform field program conducted in the Norwegian Seas and Greenland north to Svalbard from September 1988 through May 1989. Canada, Denmark, France, Norway and the United States ...

3. Data of chlorophyll a during CHINARE-25th from 2008 to 2009 [CN_NADC_2008_2009_south_ocean_Southern_Hemisphere_SensorName_Description]
Data of chlorophyll a during 2008-2009.

4. BioChem: Bedford Basin Monitoring Program (OBIS Canada) [OBIS.DFO_BioChem_BedfordBasin]
Bedford Basin is a marine embayment encircled by the municipality of Halifax region, which is the most highly populated area in the Canadian Atlantic zone. In 1991, a time series was established to ...

5. Cape Darnley Early-Autumn Phytoplankton Bloom, March 2012 [Cape_Darnley_Bloom]
These data relate to a large-scale early-autumn phytoplankton bloom that occurred off Cape Darnley, East Antarctica, in March 2012. The bloom was detected by Dr Jan Lieser (Antarctic Climate and Ecosystems ...

6. Carbon isotopic signal of cholesterol and brassicasterol (respectively zooplankton and phytoplankton indicator) and presence of particulate Barium in the Antarctic sea-ice - collected during SIPEX II, 2012 [SIPEX_II_Stable_Isotopes_Sterols]   PARENT METADATA
Overview of the project and objectives: Sea-ice phytoplankton is significantly enriched in 13C (delta 13C-POC) compared to pelagic phytoplankton in adjacent open waters because of carbon limitation ...

7. Life In The Ice: Microbial Diversity and Function in Antarctic Sea Ice Ecosystems [K043_2010_2012_NZ_2]
Our hypothesis is that ‘spatial and temporal variations in diversity and ecosystem function of the sea ice microbial community are sensitive indicators of changing climatic conditions’. The research ...

8. Parent metadata record for all metadata created from the SIPEX II voyage of the Aurora Australis, 2012-2013 season - Sea Ice Physics and Ecosystem eXperiment [SIPEX_II]   CHILD METADATA
More than 50 scientists from eight countries conducted the Sea Ice Physics and Ecosystem eXperiment 2012 (SIPEX-2). The 2012 voyage built on information and observations collected in 2007, by re-visiting ...

9. Sea ice Trace Metals sampling during the SIPEX II voyage of the Aurora Australis, 2012 [SIPEX_II_Trace_Metals]   PARENT METADATA
Antarctic sea ice is known to store key micronutrients, such as iron, as well as a suite of less studied trace metals in winter which are rapidly released in spring. This stimulates ice edge phytoplankton ...

10. Sub-Antarctic zone mooring study of interannual variability in particulate carbon export - Phytoplankton Data [ASAC_1156_Phytoplankton]
Papers arising from phytoplankton experiments associated with the SAZ (Subantarctic Zone) project. This work was complete as part of ASAC (AAS) project 1156. Taken from the abstracts of the referenced ...

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