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1. 7 year oxygen isotope results from samples taken on Antarctic Plateau traverse, 1984 [oxygen-isotopes-plateau-1984]
A total of nine stations were sampled for oxygen isotopes during the 1984 spring traverse to the Antarctic Plateau. The aim of this program was to take a number of samples from a core or a pit, at ...

2. Analysis of Ice Cores from Law Dome, 2013 [lawdome_icecore_analysis_2013]
Law Dome Summit ice cores provide a unique record of climate variability and change. These records have very high-resolution making them particularly suitable for calibration with meteorological data, ...

3. Annual Mean Water Isotope (d18O) Record for the "DSS" Law Dome Ice Core [LD2012-d18O-Native-age]
The LD2012-d18O-Native-age record is the annual mean water isotope (d18O) record for the "DSS" (Dome Summit South) Law Dome ice core with extensions (e.g. As described in van Ommen et al., Nature ...

4. Glaciology Data Report, Casey 1981 [glacio_data_report_1981_casey]
A collection of the data from the 1981 Glaciology program at Casey, collected from several inland traverses. Measurements include accumulation and density, barometric profiling, ice movement, gravity, ...

5. Oxygen Isotope Analysis for Law Dome Ice Cores, 1974-75 [oxygen_isotope_lawdome_1974]
Results of oxygen isotope analysis carried out at several sites on Law Dome in 1974-75. The hard copy of this document has been archived at the Australian Antarctic Division.

6. Oxygen Isotope Results From Sites Along Mirny-Dome C Traverse, 1983/84 [oxygen-isotope-domec-traverse-1983]
During the 1983/84 Russian traverse from Mirny to Dome C, numerous snow samples were taken for later deuterium-excess analysis. 73 samples were taken from 25 sites along the traverse route. Snow ...

7. Taylor Glacier horizontal ice core gas, isotope, and chemistry data [severinghaus_brook_0839031]
This data set includes all data gathered under the Taylor Glacier horizontal ice core project between 2009 and 2013. This includes gases (CO2, methane, nitrous oxide, and their stable and radioactive ...

8. CACHE-DRAM: DRivers and AMplifiers of late Quaternary climate change [GB-NERC-BAS-PDC-00509]
Ice core records provide highly detailed records of how different components of the climate system have behaved in the past. DRAM will make use of these and other data to pin down the main forcings ...

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