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SENTINEL-1A Level 2 Ocean wind, wave and current data

Sentinel-1A level zero product

Sentinel-1A Single-pol ground range detected full resolution images

Sentinel-1A Single-pol ground projected high and full resolution images

Sentinel-1A Single-pol ground projected medium resolution images

Sentinel-1A Single-pol ground range detected full resolution metadata

Sentinel-1A Single-pol ground projected high and full resolution metadata

Sentinel-1A Single-pol ground projected medium resolution metadata

Sentinel-1A slant-range product







RADARSAT-1 Level 0

RADARSAT-1 Level 1 Amplitude Images

Sentinel-1A Dual-pol ground range detected full resolution images

Sentinel-1A Dual-pol ground range detected full resolution metadata

70. ERS-1_LEVEL0 [ERS-1_L0]
ERS-1 Standard Beam Level 0 Frame

71. ERS-1_LEVEL1 [ERS-1_L1]
ERS-1 Standard Beam Data Level 1

72. ERS-2_LEVEL0 [ERS-2_L0]
ERS-2 Standard Beam Data Level 0

73. ERS-2_LEVEL1 [ERS-2_L1]
ERS-2 Standard Beam Data Level 1

74. Engineering-geocryological Investigations, Urengoy gasfield, Western Siberia, Russia [GGD192]
This data set consists of data from approximately 1,200 engineering-geocryological boreholes, of approximate 12 m depth. The following parameters are collected for each borehole: ground type, cryotextures, ...

75. The Glaciological Basis of Palaeoclimatic Reconstructions of Ice-Shelf Moraines - K064_2010_2013_NZ_1 [K064_2010_2013_NZ_1]
The research is giving us an understanding of the entrainment, transfer and deposition of sediment by ice shelves. The investigation of the structure, composition and motion of the Southern McMurdo ...

76. Characterizing rooting depth distribution and nitrogen acquisition using 15N tracer, Barrow, Alaska, 2013-2015 [Characterizing_rooting_depth]
Permafrost thaw and degradation may lead to altered thickness of the active soil layer and a changing distribution of plant-available nutrients throughout the soil, but little is known about the nutrient ...

77. Compiled Multi-Lab Geochemistry Synoptic Survey (LANL, ORNL, LBNL), Barrow, Alaska; 2012 [Compiled_Multi-Lab_Geochemistry_Synoptic_Survey_Barrow_Alaska_2012]
Polygonal ground is a signature characteristic of the Arctic, and permafrost thaw can potentially generate substantial feedbacks to Arctic ecosystems and climate. This study describes the first comprehensive ...

78. Snowchange Oral History - Work Among the Kolyma River Indigenous Societies in Siberia, Russia - snowchange_oral_history_work_among_kolyma_river_indig_societies_siberia_russia [snowchange_oral_history_work_among_kolyma_river_indig_societies_siberia_russia]
This data set includes oral history accounts from Indigenous people participating in the Snowchange project in Siberia, Russia. It provides geographic and environmental information from residents ...

79. The Permafrost in the Antarctic Peninsula - CDA_AR_GEO_PREDIF_PERMFROS_DATA [CDA_AR_GEO_PREDIF_PERMFROS_DATA]
Since 1990, the joint Argentine (Instituto Antarctico Argentino, IAA), Japanese (Institute of Low Temperature Science, ILTS), and, recently, Italian (Third University of Rome) group "Criologia" has ...

ENGLISH The project is aimed at enhanced knowledge of the present morphology and structure of Antarctic permafrost and the interpretation of the permafrost evolution and the cryogenic processes and ...

81. Active Layer Measurements in Tanana Flats, Fairbanks, Alaska, USA [GGD240]
This data set consists of active layer thickness from forested uplands (islands and benches) bordering the interconnected wetlands of Tanana Flats, near Fairbanks, Alaska. CRREL permafrost cores were ...

82. Active Layer Monitoring, Arctic and Subarctic Canada [GGD353]
This project involves measuring regional and site variability in maximum annual active layer development and vertical surface movement over permafrost, and monitoring sites over time in order to observe ...

83. Active Layer and Permafrost Thickness, Soil Properties, and Periglacial Processes in the Gijiga Lowland, Russia [GGD307]
This data set includes measurements of ground temperature, active-layer and permafrost thickness, and soil properties in the Gijiga Lowland, Russia. Massive ground ice and periglacial processes are ...

84. Active layer and borehole temperatures from La Foppa rock glaciers, Val Vallaccia, Central Italian Alps [GGD294]
The La Foppa site is a glacial cirque located in the upper part of the Val Vallaccia, near Livigno, in the Italian Central Alps. The La Foppa cirque is characterized by five rock glaciers, of which ...

85. Active layer physical processes at Broeggerhalvoya, western Spitsbergen [GGD239]
These data have been collected from an Arctic desert site (latitude 78o57'29N, longitude 12o27'42E), Broeggerhalvoya in western Spitsbergen, 10 km NW from Ny Alesund, 45 m above sea level, 2 km ...

86. Active layer thickness and ground temperatures, Svea, Svalbard [GGD249]
Snow and soil temperature records for January 1988 - May 1996 are presented. Included are snow depth and weight measurements, snow density (calculated), active layer depth in the frost tubes, weight ...

87. Air Temperature Conditions and Climatic-Geomorphological Characteristics of James Ross Island, Antarctic Peninsula [CDA_AR_GEO_J.ROSS_CLIMATOLOGY]
Air temperature observations were carried out in Riscos Rink, James Ross Island during 1995 and 1996. Mean annual air temperature, and freezing and thawing indices in 1996 were -6.8 degrees C, 274 ...

88. Alaska Permafrost Drillhole Temperature Logs (PTDAK); U. Alaska Geophysical Institute [EARTH_LAND_UAK_GI_Permafrost1]
This data set (PTDAK) includes handwritten temperature logs from drill holes in permafrost. The time series consists of temperatures versus time for active layer and permafrost. Data ...

89. Annual Thaw Depths and Water Depths in Tanana Flats, Alaska [GGD623]
Thaw depths and water depths were monitored at 1 m to 2 m intervals along a 255-m transect across an area of discontinuous and degrading permafrost on the Tanana Flats south of Fairbanks, Alaska. ...

90. Barrow Atqasuk ITEX Thaw 1995-2008 [barrow_atqasuk_itex_thaw_1995-2008]
These files contain data representing the thaw depths of ITEX plots in Barrow and Atqasuk in a text tab delimited format. The data presented are daily to seasonal thaw depths of 48 plots (24 experiment ...

91. Borehole Temperatures, Permafrost Thickness, and Water Content, Magadan City, Russia [GGD298]
This study investigated periglacial processes in the area around Magadan City, Russia. Polygons containing observation sites were established in both natural and disturbed conditions. Permafrost temperature, ...

92. Borehole and environmental protection descriptive and numerical data, Yamal Peninsula, Russia [GGD402]
This database of selected borehole records from the Yamal Peninsula, Russia, contains environmental descriptions (textual and numerical) of the units on the index map, and relevant borehole data. ...

93. Borehole locations and permafrost depths, Alaska, USA [GGD223]
The methods utilized by the U.S. Geological Survey to measure subsurface temperatures have evolved considerably over the years. Although some of the early measurements were obtained using thermistor ...

94. Borehole permafrost data, Kumtor and Taragai Valleys, Tienshan, Kazakhstan [GGD499]
This dataset includes observations of the permafrost temperatures in the Inner Tien Shan were started in 1986 by Kazakhstan Alpine Permafrost Laboratory. Observations are carried out on more than ...

95. Borehole temperatures from mountain permafrost monitoring, Mongolia [GGD332]
Location and description of some geocryological boreholes in Mongolia. Data include latitude, longitude, location, depth of permafrost top and bottom, and mean annual soil temperature. These data ...

96. Borehole temperatures in deep wells of Western Siberia, Russia, 1960-1995 [GGD200]
This data set is a database of the permafrost and geothermal conditions of the oil and gas deposits of Western Siberia. Data were taken from 736 plots, each having from one to ten wells. The data ...

97. Boreholes and temperature logs from the Tibetan Plateau and Northeast China [GGD700]
Four groups of borehole data from the Qinghai-Xizang (Tibet) Plateau are presented. 1) Boreholes at three sites, with sand surface, natural surface, and near a sand dune, at 66 Road Station - 1994 ...

98. Canadian Geothermal Data Collection: Deep permafrost temperatures and thickness of permafrost [GGD503]
Precision temperature measurements have been made in some 150 deep wells and holes drilled in the course of natural resource exploration in the permafrost regions of Northern Canada. In most cases, ...

99. Catalog of boreholes from Russia and Mongolia [GGD316]
This catalog of boreholes from across Russia and Mongolia includes those published in papers and monographs as well as other literature of limited circulation. The 122 boreholes were used to derive ...

100. Circum-Arctic Map of Permafrost and Ground-Ice Conditions [GGD318]
The Circum-Arctic permafrost and ground ice map is available via ftp in ESRI Shapefile format and Equal-Area Scalable Earth Grid (EASE-Grid) format. See the Format section for an explanation of the ...

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