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1. Natural and Anthropogenic Methane Sources, New England, USA, 1990-1994 [doi:10.3334/ORNLDAAC/1311_1]
This data set contains an inventory of natural and anthropogenic methane emissions for all counties in the six New England states of Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, ...

2. Annual Estimates of Global Anthropogenic Methane Emissions: 1860-1994, in CDIAC/Trends [TRENDS_CH4_EMISSIONS]
Estimates of man-made (anthropogenic) emissions of methane (CH4), from 1860 through 1994 are available in this data set. Data are provided for the following sources: - Flaring and Venting of Natural ...

3. Atmospheric Methane (CH4) Emissions from Energy-Related Sources [CH4_ENERGY_EMISSIONS]
This dataset provides global national and United States data on energy-related sources of methane (CH4) emission including coal mining, natural gas production and distribution, automotive exhausts ...

4. Global Anthropogenic Emission Inventory for Methane (CH4) from EDGAR/RIVM and the Global Emissions Inventory Activity (GEIA), IGBP/IGAC [GEIA_METHANE_ANTHRO]
This data set contains global 1990 and 1995 methane (CH4) emissions inventory from anthropogenic sources. Sources of methane considered include: industry, power generation, transportation, ...

5. Historical Anthropogenic Emissions 1890-1990, EDGAR-HYDE [EDGAR_RIVM_HYDE]   PARENT METADATA
An anthropogenic emissions data set has been constructed for CO2, CO, CH4, nonmethane volatile organic compounds (NMVOC), SO2, NOx, N2O, and ...

6. Total Primary Energy Supply - Combustible Renewables and Waste (IEA) [geodata_0946]
Total primary energy supply (TPES) is made up of production + imports - exports - international marine bunkers +/- stock changes. Combustible renewables and waste comprises solid biomass and animal ...

7. Total Primary Energy Supply - Total (IEA) [geodata_0767]
Total primary energy supply (TPES) is made up of indigenous production + imports - exports - international marine bunkers +/- stock changes. Indigenous production is the production of primary energy, ...

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