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51. Eocene Greenhouse-Icehouse Transition Carbon Cycle Data [NOAA_NCDC_PALEO_2005-056]
Data set consists of carbonate and stable isotope data across the Eocene "Greenhouse-Icehouse" climate transition, from tropical Pacific ODP cores 1218 and 1219, and calculated Calcite Compensation ...

52. Quantified Rates of Geomorphic Change on a Modern Carbonate Tidal Flat, Bahamas [RSMAS_GR001]
Comparison of aerial photographs and ultrahigh-resolution remote sensing data reveals changes in the geomorphology of a modern carbonate tidal flat. In the 58 yr between acquisition of the two data ...

53. CO2, Hydrographic and Chemical Data Obtained During the R/V Maurice Ewing Cruise in the Atlantic Ocean [CDIAC_NDP-084]
This data set consists of total carbon dioxide (TCO2), total alkalinity (TALK), and pH measured at hydrographic stations during the R/V Maurice Ewing cruise in the South Atlantic Ocean on the A17 ...

54. Seasonal Variation of the Carbonate System in Florida Bay [RSMAS_FJM-001]
The carbonate system has been studied in the Florida Bay from 1997 to 2000. Measurements of pH, total alkalinity (TA) and total inorganic carbon dioxide (TCO2) were made from twenty stations in the ...

55. Texture, Carbonate Content, and Preliminary Maps of Surficial Sediments of the Flower Garden Banks Area, Northwestern Gulf of Mexico Outer Shelf [USGS_OFR_2003_002]
The purpose of this report is to release texture and carbonate content data from 107 seafloor sediments collected within and near the East and West Flower Garden Banks areas of the Flower Garden Banks ...

56. Study of the benthic fauna and flora of the seabeds in southern area of Livingston Island [CNDA-ESP_93-94-0996-1161_16-21]
In English: Estimate of the plentifulness of the different benthic species, by means of samples collected in radial areas with drag box-corer, Agassiz drag and suprabenthic grip slipper, on the southern ...

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