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51. Tropical Ice Core Paleoclimatic Records, Quelccaya Ice Cap, Peru [G01248]
Ice Core data from the Quelccaya Ice Cap, Peru, including annual ice accumulation, oxygen isotopes, and dust particles.

52. Ice Core Data: Accumulation, Dust Particles, Isotopes, Chemistry, and Gas Concentration Data from Polarand Alpine Regions Worldwide [G01001]
Ice Core data from Polar and Mountain regions, including annual ice accumulation, dust particles, stable isotopes, trapped gases, and ice chemistry.

53. Greenland Ice Sheet Project II (GISP2) Ice Core Methane Data, NOAA/NCDC/WDC-Paleoclimatology [NGDC_WDCA_PALEO_GISP2_CH4]
This data set contains methane (CH4) concentration data derived from the Greenland Ice Sheet Project II (GISP2) ice core. The methane concentration was measured from trapped gases in in samples from ...

54. Vostok Ice Core CO2 Data, 1105-2856m. from NOAA/NGDC/PAGES [VOSTOK_CO2_NOAA_NGDC_PAGES]
This data set contains CO2 concentrations from air bubbles trapped in the Vostok (Antarctica) ice core spanning across the last three deglaciations. The core was taken at a depth from 1105 m to 2856 ...

55. Nitrogen and Argon Isotope Data from GISP2 Ice Core [SEVERINGHAUS_GISP2]
Isotope data on N15/N14 and Ar40/36 ratios in air trapped in bubbles in glacial ice.

56. Atmospheric N2O Concentrations from GRIP Ice Cores During the Last Millenium [GRIP_N2O_NOAA_NGDC_PAGES]
This data set consists of nitrous oxide (N2O) concentrations derived from two ice cores from Summit in Greenland: GRIP and EUROCORE. Both records cover the past millenium and record pre-industrial ...

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