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1. IPY Research: Investigating the Cryospheric Evolution of the Central Antarctic Plate (ICECAP) [blankenship_0733025]
This is the master metadata record for the ICECAP project, a four-year International Polar Year campaign to map the morphology, geology and glaciology of the major marine subglacial basins of East ...

2. Global Gravity Grids, Geoid Height and Gravity Anomaly Profiles [gov.noaa.ngdc.mgg.geophysics.G01146]
The entire collection of GEOSAT ERM (Nov.'86 - Dec. '89) data over land and ice regions is held at the National Geophysical Data Center (NGDC). These data will yield reasonable elevation values for ...

3. Gravity Data from Newark Valley, White Pine County, Nevada [USGS_OFR_2007_1306]
The Newark Valley area, eastern Nevada is one of thirteen major ground-water basins investigated by the BARCAS (Basin and Range Carbonate Aquifer Study) Project. Gravity data are being used to help ...

4. NOAA/NGS Continuously Operating Reference Station (CORS) [gov.noaa.ngdc.stp.terrestrial.G10019]
The National Geodetic Survey (NGS), an office of NOAA's National Ocean Service, manages a network of Continuously Operating Reference Stations (CORS) that provide Global Navigation Satellite System ...

5. Nova Scotia Coordinate Referencing System Database, Nova Scotia, Canada [Canada_NS_CoordinateRefSystem]
The Province maintains the Provincial geodetic networks of control points located throughout Nova Scotia. Each control point is a permanent, fixed point on the ground for which the precise ...

6. Preliminary Isostatic Gravity Map of Joshua Tree National Park and Vicinity, Southern California [USGS_OFR_2007_1218]
This isostatic residual gravity map is part of an effort to map the three-dimensional distribution of rocks in Joshua Tree National Park, southern California. This map will serve as a basis for modeling ...

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