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1. Hydro-Carbon Hydrate Accumulations in the Okhotsk Sea III [KPDC_CHAOS-3_ARCTIC_2006]
We had very remarkable results from the CHAOS-1 (2003) and CHAOS-2 (2005) project; lots of gas flares in the water column, many gas venting structures on the seafloor, gas hydrate samples including ...

2. Reconnaissance of the Balleny Islands [K017_1963_1964_NZ_1]
A reconnaissance expedition took place around the Balleny Islands in the 1963-1964 field season with the objective to examine the four beaches where landings had previously been made and to search ...

3. Updating of geochemical database of hydrothermal process (Deception Island, Bransfied Strait) [CNDA-ESP_ANT98-1557-E]
ENGLISH The work was divided in two campaigns, one of 24 hours, onboard the R/V Hesperides and other onboard the Vessel Las Palmas. The data obtained in the 24 hours campaign were: -3 trawling dredges ...

ENGLISH Isotopic analyses of C, O, H, N: lavas, volatile phases of the source mantle, global CO2 flux, mechanisms of eruptions. Transfer from the mantle to the surface of volatile phases, concentrations ...

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