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1. Nimbus-7 SMMR Antenna Temperatures [NSIDC-0037]
The SMMR Antenna Temperatures (Nimbus-7) data set consists of antenna temperatures from passive microwave radiometers aboard NOAA's Nimbus-7 satellite. The instrument is the Scanning Multichannel ...

2. AMPR Brightness Temperature CAMEX-1 [amprtbcx]
The Advanced Microwave Precipitation Radiometer (AMPR) remotely senses passive microwave signatures of geophysical parameters from an airborne platform. The ...

3. DMSP-8 and DMSP-F10 SSM/I Wentz Antenna Temperatures [NSIDC-0040]
The SSMI is a seven-channel, four-frequency, dual-polarized, passive microwave radiometer which measures the atmospheric, oceanic, and land surface microwave brightness temperatures at 19.3, 22.2, ...

4. DMSP-F8 SSM/I Pathfinder Antenna Temperatures [NSIDC-0041]
The Defense Meteorological Satellite Program (DMSP) satellite F8 was launched on June 19, 1987. The spacecraft is in a near circular, sun synchronous, near-polar orbit at an altitude of approximately ...

5. The PRIRODA IKAR Sensors Data and Products [irepikar]
PRIRODA (Nature) is the last module of the space station MIR that was launched on April 23 and docked on April 26, 1996. PRIRODA module is equipped with the set of optical, infrared and microwave ...

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