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1. FY3A VIRR Level1 OBC Product [FY3A_VIRR_L1_OBC]
VIRR onboard calibrator data contains original frame header, black body temperature, black body view, space view, engineering data and calibration coefficients.

2. FY3A VIRR Level1 Product [FY3A_VIRR_L1]
Geolocated and calibrated earth view date, the visible and near infrared bands are reflective data, the thermal infrared bands are emissive radiance data.

3. VIIRS Climate Raw Data Record (C-RDR) from Suomi NPP, Version 1 [gov.noaa.ncdc.C00836]
The Suomi NPP Climate Raw Data Record (C-RDR) developed at the NOAA NCDC is an intermediate product processing level (NOAA Level 1b) between a Raw Data Record (RDR) and a Sensor Data Record (SDR). ...

4. AVHRR Polar Pathfinder Twice-Daily 5 km EASE-Grid Composites [NSIDC-0066]

This data set is no longer available due to errors in the data. See the Error Sources section ...

5. GOES Satellite Imagery from the Earth Scan Laboratory [LSU_ESL_GOES]
A number of real time GOES atmosphere products are generated for Gulf of Mexico by the ESL. These are divided in different regions with emphasis on the Atlantic Ocean View, Gulf and Tropics and the ...

6. Geostationary Earth Radiation Budget experiment and data [GERB_OMA_BE]
The Institut Royal Meteorologique de Belgique ( RMIB ) and its On Line Short-term Service ( ROLSS ) provides near real-time Level 2.0 (radiances and fluxes) data from the GERB instruments. This ...

7. Thermographic study of the uruguayan Antarctic Base "Artigas" [IDN_NOD_AMD_UY_TERM]
The objective of this activity is to study the lost of heat and the difference of temperature in the Artigas Uruguayan Antarctic Base using infrared technology. Thermography is the use of an infrared ...

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