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1. Ecosystem metabolism for an arctic warm spring-stream (Ivishak Hot Spring, Alaska) [ecosystem_metabolism_for_an_arctic_warm_spring-stream_ivishak_hot_spring_alaska]
We investigated the productivity of a perennial, Arctic spring-stream. Ivishak Spring has the stable discharge (~131 L/s) and temperature (~4-8oC) typical for springs. It is unusual, however, in having ...

2. Karst Areas of Illinois [IGDNR_KARST]
The karst data can be used to appraise local, regional, and general geologic conditions that might affect excavation and construction of roads, pipelines, foundations, and sewers, ...

3. Ground Water Level and Land Subsidence in Ishikari Bay Area, Hokkaido, Japan [OBR-GWL_LS]
The main purpose of these observations is to monitor the effects of usage of groundwater so that bad effects on the underground water and the land (such as subsidence) are avoided. In the north region ...

4. USGS Ground Water Atlas of the United States [USGS_GROUNDWATER_ATLAS]
The URL for the Ground Water Atlas of the United States is: "" The Ground Water Atlas of the United States is published by the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS, ""). ...

5. Ground Water Levels at Selected Sites in New Brunswick, Canada [CANEMRCCRSGRWATER]
The purpose of this database is to measure fluctuations in groundwater levels at selected sites in New Brunswick. The water level information indicates depth below ground level and elevation of water ...

6. IAI-Final Report_ISP1_080: Biogeochemical Determinants of Land-Cover Change and Land-Use In Savanna-Cultivation-Grazing Systems [IAIDIS454]
This dataset refers to Final Report of the ISP round I project number 080, which has the name "BIOGEOCHEMICAL DETERMINANTS OF LAND-COVER CHANGE AND LAND-USE IN SAVANNA-CULTIVATION-GRAZING SYSTEMS". ...

Showing 1 through 6 of 6
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