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51. Daily Global Land Surface Parameters Derived from AMSR-E [NSIDC-0451]
Notice to Data Users: The documentation for this data set was provided solely by the Principal Investigator(s) and was not further developed, thoroughly reviewed, or edited by NSIDC. Thus, support ...

52. GLAS/ICESat 1 km Laser Altimetry Digital Elevation Model of Greenland [NSIDC-0305]
The Geoscience Laser Altimeter System (GLAS) instrument on the Ice, Cloud, and land Elevation Satellite (ICESat) provides global measurements of elevation, and repeats measurements along nearly-identical ...

53. Global Annual Freezing and Thawing Indices [NSIDC-0063]
The total annual freezing and thawing indices are defined as the cumulative number of degree-days when air temperatures are below and above zero degrees Celsius. The total annual freezing index has ...

54. Greenland Ice Sheet Melt Characteristics Derived from Passive Microwave Data [NSIDC-0218]
The Greenland ice sheet melt extent data, acquired as part of the NASA Program for Arctic Regional Climate Assessment (PARCA), is a daily (or every other day, prior to August 1987) estimate of the ...

55. Historical Soviet Daily Snow Depth (HSDSD) [G01092]
The HSDSD product is based on observations from 284 World Meteorological Organization (WMO) stations throughout Russia and the former Soviet Union. The area covered is 35 to 75 degrees north latitude ...

56. Nenana Ice Classic: Tanana River Ice Annual Breakup Dates [NSIDC-0064]
The Tanana river in the Interior of Alaska usually freezes over during October and November. The ice continues to grow throughout the winter accumulating an average maximum thickness of about 110 ...

57. Snow Data Assimilation System (SNODAS) Data Products at NSIDC [G02158]

Notice: If you are having difficulties subsetting SNODAS data via Polaris, please contact

This data set contains output ...

58. Trans-Atlantic Study of Calanus: Calanus in different light and predatory regimes [GLOBEC_079_TASC_012]   PARENT METADATA
The objective of this subtask of the Trans-Atlantic Study of Calanus programme was to assess mortality risk of Calanus with respect to visual predators (fish) along a latitudinal gradient in the Norwegian ...

59. Trans-Atlantic Study of Calanus: Comparative Time Series Sampling Programme [GLOBEC_078_TASC_011]   PARENT METADATA
The objective of this subtask of the Trans-Atlantic Study of Calanus (TASC) programme was to describe the annual cycle of vertical distribution, generational development and overwintering of C. finmarchicus ...

60. Trans-Atlantic Study of Calanus: Large Scale Distribution, Life History and Predation [GLOBEC_069_TASC_003]   PARENT METADATA
The distribution, abundance and population structure of Calanus are governed by production, predation, advection and behaviour. This task of the TASC programme addressed these topics on different ...

61. Trans-Atlantic Study of Calanus: Large Scale Field Survey [GLOBEC_077_TASC_010]   PARENT METADATA
The objective of this subtask of the Trans-Atlantic Study of Calanus programme was to describe the large scale distribution, abundance, and population structure of C. finmarchicus in the Nordic Seas ...

62. Atlas of Coastal Bays of Maryland on CD-ROM from State of Maryland Department of Natural Resources [MD_DNR_CDROM_COASTALBAYS]
This CD-ROM contains an electronic atlas of Maryland's Atlantic coast including coastal bays, marshes, barrier beaches and coastal upland. The data cover the coastal bays regions of Maryland and ...

63. BALANS Hydro1K Basin [BALANS_Hydro1K]
Examination of the existing drainage basin delineation at "Baltic Sea region GIS, maps and statistical database" (digitized after a drainage basin definition done in 1986) in comparison with the Hydro1k ...

64. BALANS Wetlands [BALANS_Wetlands]
The BALANS wetlands dataset has been assembled from satellite data from the IRS 1C/1D WiFS satellite. The reference data has been collected from national sources. Note that the product is not homogenous ...

65. Centralized Database - CDBS 2.0, from the USDA National Water and Climate Center [USDA0192]
CDBS 2.0 contains snow, water, climate, and related hydrologic information for the U.S., Carribean, and South Pacific. Some datasets are regional (snow and water). It is a national dataset physically ...

66. Coastal Erosion and Wetland Change in Louisiana: Selected USGS Products [USGS-DDS-79]
Louisiana contains 25 percent of the vegetated wetlands and 40 percent of the tidal wetlands in the 48 conterminous States. These critical natural systems are being lost. Louisiana leads the Nation ...

67. Digital Data Sets Describing Water Use, Toxic Chemical Releases, Metropolitan Areas, and Population Density of the Conterminous United States [USGS_OFR_99-78]
This report contains digital data sets describing water use, toxic chemical releases, metropolitan areas, and population density of the conterminous United States. The data source for the water-use ...

68. ESRI Data and Maps [ESRI_DM]
ESRI Data & Maps is preconfigured to work with ESRI's software products and is also bundled with ArcGIS software and solutions products such as ArcGIS Business ...

69. EarthTrends: The Environmental Information Portal [WRI_EarthTrends]
EarthTrends is an online collection of information regarding the environmental, social, and economic trends that shape our world. Committed to the principle that accurate information ...

70. Florida Geographic Data Library [FGDL]
The Florida Geographic Data Library (FGDL) is a mechanism for distributing spatial (GIS) data throughout the state of Florida. The FGDL is warehoused and maintained at the University of Florida's ...

71. New Jersey Landscape Change Research [RUTGERS_LANDSCAPE_CHANGE]
A group of researchers at Rutgers is collaborating to study and address one of New Jersey's most pressing issues: the rapid development of the state's landscapes. Building on existing research, like ...

72. Palaeoclimate Analysis of Sediment Cores from the Fjords and Lakes of the Vestfold Hills [ASAC_784]
From the abstracts of some of the referenced papers: The relationship between surface sediment diatom assemblages and measured limnological variables in 33 coastal Antarctic lakes was examined by ...

73. Southern Appalachian Assessment (SAA) Online Geospatial Database [SAMAB_SAA]
The Southern Appalachian Assessment (SAA) was a cooperative multi-agency effort to assess the environmental condition of the Southern Appalachian region. The SAA was described as the ecological equivalent ...

74. U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) and the American Geological Institute (AGI) Global GIS Database [Global_GIS]
The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) and The American Geological Institute (AGI) announced a cooperative agreement that will focus on making the USGS Global Geographic Information ...

75. USGS 1:100,000 Quadrangles of the Missouri River Basin Region [USGS_MO_RIVER_MAPS]
This site contains USGS 1:100,000 quadrangle maps for the counties located in the Missouri River Basin. The types of maps available for particular counties include the 1993 Flood Extent map; a map ...

76. West Virginia Technical Center GIS Data Products [WVGIS]
The West Virginia GIS Technical Center (WVGISTC) provides GIS data on all disciplines of Earth Science. GIS data includes imagery and base maps, land cover, census, cultural ...

77. Wetlands for Baltic Sea drainage basin region [BEA_Wetlands]
This is the GIS data file for the Wetlands for the Baltic Sea drainage basin region. The GIS data set is part of the Baltic Sea Region GIS Database and part of the Baltic Drainage Basin Project (BDBP) ...







84. ERS-1_LEVEL1 [ERS-1_L1_1]
ERS-1 Standard Beam Data Level 1

85. ERS-2_LEVEL0 [ERS-2_L0_1]
ERS-2 Standard Beam Data Level 0

RADARSAT-1 Level 1 Amplitude Images

Sentinel-1A Dual-pol ground range detected full resolution images

Sentinel-1A Dual-pol ground projected high and full resolution images

Sentinel-1A Dual-pol ground range detected full resolution metadata

Sentinel-1A Dual-pol ground projected medium resolution metadata

Sentinel-1A Metadata for OCN product

Metadata for Sentinel-1A level zero product

Metadata for Sentinel-1A slant-range product

Sentinel-1A level zero product

Sentinel-1A Single-pol ground range detected full resolution images

Sentinel-1A Single-pol ground projected medium resolution images

Sentinel-1A Single-pol ground range detected full resolution metadata

Sentinel-1A Single-pol ground projected high and full resolution metadata

Sentinel-1B Dual-pol ground range detected full resolution images

Sentinel-1B Dual-pol ground projected high and full resolution images

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