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1. Global and Regional Atmospheric, Hydrologic, and Oceanic Data from the INFOCLIMA Catalog of Climate System Data Sets [INFOCLIMA]
The INFOCLIMA Data Base of Climate System Data Sets is a collection of worldwide data center (280) and data set descriptions of Climate-related data as part of the World Meteorological ...

2. DISCOVER-AQ Ozonesonde Measurements [DISCOVER-AQ_Ozonesonde]   PARENT DIF
DISCOVER-AQ_Ozonesonde_Data are ozonesonde vertical profiles measured during the first deployment of the Deriving Information on Surface Conditions from Column and Vertically Resolved Observations ...

3. Deriving Information on Surface Conditions from Column and Vertically Resolved Observations Relevant to Air Quality (DISCOVER-AQ) [DISCOVER-AQ]   CHILD DIFs
Deriving Information on Surface conditions from Column and Vertically Resolved Observations Relevant to Air Quality (DISCOVER-AQ) is a four-year campaign to improve the use of satellites to monitor ...

4. Iraq Daily Upper Air Observations [gov.noaa.ncdc.C01113]
Iraqi upper air records loaned to NCDC from the Air Force 14th Weather Squadron. Period of Record is 1962-1986.

5. Iraq Hourly Upper Air Observations [gov.noaa.ncdc.C01114]
Iraqi upper air records loaned to NCDC from the Air Force 14th Weather Squadron. Period of Record is 1970-1984.

6. Iraq Radiosonde Launch Records [gov.noaa.ncdc.C01115]
Iraqi upper air records loaned to NCDC from the Air Force 14th Weather Squadron. Scanned notebooks containing upper air radiosonde launch records and data. Launches were conduced by the Iraqi Meteorological ...

7. Joint Typhoon Warning Center Storm Wallets [gov.noaa.ncdc.C01107]
The Joint Typhoon Warning Center (JTWC) is responsible for typhoon forecasts and warnings for the Western Pacific and Indian Ocean basins. After each storm, the JTWC stores its records in accordion-style ...

8. US Air Force Balloon Observations [gov.noaa.ncdc.C01110]
Worksheets containing pilot balloon data computed from releases at Air Force stations in the western United States. Elevation and azimuth angles are used to compute wind direction and speed. The period ...

9. US Daily Pilot Balloon Observations [gov.noaa.ncdc.C01111]
Pilot Balloon observational forms for the United States. Taken by Weather Bureau and U.S. Army observers. Period of record 1918-1960. Records scanned from the NCDC microfilm collection.

10. US Monthly Pilot Balloon Observations [gov.noaa.ncdc.C01112]
Monthly winds aloft summary forms summarizing Pilot Balloon observational data for the United States. Generally labeled as Form 1114, and then transitioning to Form 22 in the mid-late 1940s. Taken ...

11. Upper Air Observations - Synoptic Code [gov.noaa.ncdc.C01116]
Daily radiosonde and rawinsonde observations at standard and significant levels, recorded in synoptic code. Period of record 1950-1951.

12. Upper Air Reference Materials [gov.noaa.ncdc.C01060]
Instructions for observing and recording radiosonde, pilot balloon and other in-situ observations above the earth's surface. Includes Weather Bureau Circular O.

13. Daily Weather Maps [gov.noaa.ncdc.C01006]
Several different government offices have published the Daily weather maps over its history. The publication has also gone by different names over time. The U.S. Signal Office began publication of ...

14. Northern Hemisphere Synoptic Weather Maps [gov.noaa.ncdc.C01009]
Daily Series of Synoptic Weather Maps. Part I consists of plotted and analyzed daily maps of sea-level and 500-mb maps for 0300, 0400, 1200, 1230, 1300, and 1500 GMT. It was published from January ...

15. CAMEX-3 Airborne Vertical Atmosphere Profiling System (AVAPS) [dc8avaps]
The CAMEX-3 DC-8 Airborne Vertical Atmosphere Profiling System (AVAPS) uses dropwinsonde and Global Positioning System (GPS) receivers to measure the atmospheric state parameters (temp, humidity, ...

16. Canadian Ozonesondes and Total Ozone from July 1957 through December 1985 [NCAR_DS805.2]
Daily station total ozone and ozonesondes from Canada.

17. U.S. Navy SPOT Global Surface and Upper Air Observations, daily 1971-1996 [NCAR_DS465.1]
The Navy Fleet Numerical Weather Center (FNWC) collects, on an operational basis, surface and upper air data from the Global Telecommunications System (GTS). DSS created the ...

18. ERA-40 Global Observational Feedback Record Reports [NCAR_DS117.8]
DSS presents a comprehensive set of global, 3 hourly feedback record reports used in the ECMWF 45-year reanalysis (ERA-40) covering the period from September 1957 to August ...

19. Labitzke Berlin Stratospheric Data: Quasi-Biennial Oscillation Data [BERLIN_STRATO_QBO]
Almost 50 years ago, the Quasi-Biennial Oscillation (QBO) of the winds in the equatorial stratosphere was detected due to the establishment of a global, regularly measuring radiosonde network. As ...

20. Ascension Island Radiosonde Observations, 1968-1977Mar [NCAR_DS400.0]
This dataset contains radiosonde observations from the Ascension Islands for the period from January 1968 to March 1977.

21. Brazilian Air Force Rawinsondes and Pibals, January 1950-November 1986 [NCAR_DS394.1]
NCDC has provided rawinsonde data for eleven Brazilian stations and pibal data for thirty stations for the general period January 1950 to November 1986. The actual period, however, varies widely ...

22. China Summary of Day 1979May-Sep [NCAR_DS514.0]
Summary of day for 78 Chinese stations For FGGE.

23. FGGE Constant Level Balloon Observations, 1979Jan-Jul [NCAR_DS800.1]
This dataset contains constant-level balloon observations from the First Global GARP Experiment (FGGE) for 7 January to 16 July 1979.

24. FGGE Dropwindsondes, 1978Dec-1979Jul (thru Shea) [NCAR_DS610.0]
This dataset contains dropwindsonde data from the First GARP Global Experiment (FGGE) Special Observation Periods 1 (December 7, 1978 to February 26, 1979) and 2 (May 6, 1979 to July 25, 1979).

25. French EOLE Southern Hemisphere Balloon Observations, August 1979 to December 1972 [NCAR_DS800.0]
EOLE Balloon Experiment over the Southern Hemisphere, involving constant-level balloons drifting near 200 millibars. The French made a motion picture of balloon tracks.

26. Global Time Series Radiosonde Observations, daily 1948-con [NCAR_DS390.0]
Sounding data collected from various areas of the world including Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, India, Japan, New Zealand, Russia, Singapore, South Africa, and United Kingdom. ...

27. Japan AMTEX Observations, daily 1974-1975 Feb-Mar [NCAR_DS801.0]
Observational data from the Air Mass Transformation Experiment

28. MONEX Monsoon-77 Somalia Pibals and U.S.S.R. Ships [NCAR_DS605.0]
During the summer of 1977, pibal and ship data were collected in conjunction with the Monsoon Experiment (MONEX). Included in this dataset are pibal data from four special Somalian stations and ship ...

29. NCAR Upper Air Database, 1920-ongoing [NCAR_DS370.1]
The NCAR Upper Air Database (UADB) contains global observations beginning in the 1920s and extends to a near current date. Upper air soundings from about 50 different sources have been ...

30. NCAR's Database of Upper Air Observations [NCAR_DS370.0]
This dataset represents a large collection of global upper air soundings starting in 1973 and is updated within about 1 month of real time. This archive contains all upper air soundings from DSS ...

31. NCDC Rocketsondes, monthly 1961-1972 [NCAR_DS856.0]
This dataset contains monthly rocketsonde data from NCDC for 1961 to 1972.

32. NCDC TD5850 Global Rocketsondes 1969-1988 [NCAR_DS855.0]
The National Climatic Data Center (NCDC) has provided rocketsonde data for a handful of stations around the globe for 1969 to 1988. Usually, there is about one sounding per week, but ...

33. NCDC TD9518 Daily Ozone Soundings, 1963Sep-1969May [NCAR_DS804.0]
Daily ozone soundings are available for 16 U.S. stations from September 1963 through May 1969. Thermodynamic data are also included for each sounding.

34. NCEP ADP Global Upper Air and Surface Weather Observations (PREPBUFR format), May 1997 - Continuing [NCAR_DS337.0]
NCEP ADP Global Upper Air and Surface Weather Observations (PREPBUFR format) are composed of a global set of surface and upper air reports operationally collected by the National Centers ...

35. Summer Monsoon Experiment (SMONEX), 1979May-Jul [NCAR_DS605.5]
Data from the Summer Monsoon Experiment, collected by NCAR, NASA, NOAA and France. The project area was over Saudi Arabia, the Arabian Sea, and the Bay of Bengal.

36. TWERLE Southern Hemisphere Drifting Balloon Data, 75Jun13-76Aug09 [NCAR_DS615.0]
This dataset contains data from the Tropospheric Wind Earth Radio Location Experiment (TWERLE) constant-level balloons over the Southern Hemisphere for June 1975 to August 1976. The balloon measurements ...

37. The Comprehensive Historical Upper Air Network [NCAR_DS352.0]
The Comprehensive Historical Upper-Air Network (CHUAN) represents a global, historical upper-air dataset that has been derived from heterogeneous data available from various sources, including ...

38. U.S. Controlled Time Series Radiosonde Observations, daily 1948-con [NCAR_DS390.1]
U.S. controlled station time series of upper air observations (soundings) comprise the data in this set. From the National Climatic Data Center (NCDC), DSS obtains annual updates of the DSI-6301 UPPER ...

39. U.S.A.F. Global Upper Air Observations, daily 1966Jul-1969Aug [NCAR_DS355.0]
Global upper air observations from the U.S.A.F. for the period from July 1966 to August 1969.

40. U.S.A.F. Radiosondes, Pibals, Aircraft, and Surface Observations, 1973-1980 [NCAR_DS390.6]
Data from USAF at NCDC in DATSAV format.

41. Winter Monsoon Experiment (WMONEX), 1978Dec [NCAR_DS605.2]
This dataset contains flight-level aircraft data for December 1978 from the Winter Monsoon Experiment (WMONEX).

42. BOREAS AFM-05 Level-1 Upper Air Network Data, R1 [BOREAS_AES_UPL1]
The BOREAS AFM-05 team collected and processed data from the numerous radiosonde flights during the project. The goals of the AFM-05 team were to provide large scale definition of the atmosphere by ...

43. LBA-ECO CD-01 Meteorological Data, Tapajos and Amazon Rivers, Santarem, Brazil: 2001 [CD01_CIRSAN_METEOROLOGY]
This data set contains meteorological data collected around the confluence of the Tapajos River with the Amazon River in the Amazon Basin near Santarem, Brazil, in July and August 2001. Boundary layer ...

44. LBA-ECO CD-03 Nocturnal Meteorological Data, Forest and Pasture Sites, Para, Brazil [CD03_TETHERED_BALLOON]
This data set contains measurements of nocturnal meteorological profiles collected from tethered balloon platforms during July 2001, October 2001, and November 2003. Measurements were made near the ...

45. Katabatic Wind Study Along IAGP Line, Raw Data, 1984 [lawdome_katabatic_1984]
A study was done on katabatic winds out of Casey in 1984, along the IAGP traverse route. A lot of data, including air pressure, temperature and humidity, was collected from the balloon flights used ...

46. LBA-ECO TG-02 Biogenic VOC Emissions from Brazilian Amazon Forest and Pasture Sites [TG02_Balloon_VOC]
This data set reports concentrations of biogenic volatile organic compounds (BVOCs) collected from tethered balloon-sampling platforms above selected forest and pasture sites in the Brazilian Amazon ...

47. Arctic Water Vapor Characteristics from Rawinsondes [NSIDC-0033]
A gridded climatological monthly-mean data base of Arctic water vapor characteristics has been assembled by combining fixed station data with data from soundings taken over the Arctic Ocean from ships ...

48. NCEP/NCAR Arctic Marine Rawinsonde Archive [NSIDC-0054]
NCEP/NCAR Arctic Marine Rawinsonde Archive, available via ftp, contains 17,659 marine rawinsonde reports for the region north of 65 degrees North. Its record extends from 1976 to 1996. These soundings ...

49. Historical Arctic Rawinsonde Archive [NSIDC-0008]

Note: This data set is now on FTP so references to CD-ROM are historic and no longer applicable.

The Historical Arctic Rawinsonde Archive is on FTP, and it contains ...

50. SMEX02 Balloon-borne Radiosonde Data, Iowa [NSIDC-0231]
This data set includes radiosonde measurements of upper air temperature and pressure, relative humidity, and wind direction and speed during the balloons' ascent to the upper atmosphere. Radiosonde ...

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