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1. Nimbus-1 High-Resolution Infrared Radiometer (HRIR) Imagery of Cloud Cover at Night on 70 mm Film (HRIRN1IM) at GES DISC [GES_DISC_HRIRN1IM_V001]
The HRIRN1IM data product contains scanned negatives of photofacsimile 70mm film strips from the Nimbus-1 High-Resolution Infrared Radiometer. The images contain orbital nighttime (3.5 to 4.1 microns) ...

2. Nimbus-1/HRIR Level 1 Brightness Temperature V001 (HRIRN1L1) at GES DISC [GES_DISC_HRIRN1L1_V001]
The Nimbus-1 High Resolution Infrared Radiometer (HRIR) Level 1 Brightness Temperature Data Product (HRIRN1L1) contains infrared radiances converted to equivalent black-body temperature or "brightness" ...

3. Nimbus Ice Edge Points from Nimbus Visible Imagery L2, CSV [NmIcEdg2]
This data set (NmIcEdg2) estimates the location of the North and South Pole sea ice edges at various times during the mid to late 1960s, based on recovered Nimbus 1 (1964), Nimbus 2 (1966), and Nimbus ...

4. Nimbus Advanced Vidicon Camera System Visible Imagery L1, HDF5 [NmAVCS1H]
The Nimbus Advanced Vidicon Camera System Visible Imagery L1, HDF5 (NmAVCS1H) data set consists of black-and-white images captured by the Advanced Vidicon Camera Systems onboard the Nimbus 1 (1964) ...

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