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1. Kleespies' Nimbus-3 Infrared Spectrometer (SIRS A and B), April 1969 to April 1971 [NCAR_DS685.0]
This dataset contains radiance data from the Nimbus-3 Satellite Infrared Spectrometer (SIRS) A and B instruments. The data are available for various periods between April 1969 and April 1971.

2. VonderHaar's Nimbus-3 Minimum Albedo Analyses, 1969Apr-1970Feb [NCAR_DS680.0]
This dataset contains global analyses of minimum albedo values over several periods between April 1969 and February 1970 from the Nimbus-3 satellite.

3. Nimbus-3 Level 2 Medium Resolution Infrared Radiometer (MRIR) V001 (MRIRN3L2) at GES DISC [GES_DISC_MRIRN3L2_V001]
The Nimbus III Medium Resolution Infrared Radiometer (MRIR) was designed to measure electromagnetic radiation emitted and reflected from the earth and its atmosphere at 5 wavelengths. ...

4. Nimbus-3 Medium-Resolution Infrared Radiometer (MRIR) Imagery of the Earth and Atmosphere at Daytime on 4 x 5 inch Film Sheets (MRIRN3IM) at GES DISC [GES_DISC_MRIRN3IM_V001]
The MRIRN3IM data product consists of 4 x 5 inch photographic film sheets from the Nimbus-3 Medium Resolution Infrared Radiometer. Each film sheet contains an entire orbit (daylight portion) of data ...

5. Nimbus-3 High-Resolution Infrared Radiometer (HRIR) Imagery of Cloud Cover at Day and Night on 70 mm Film (HRIRN3IM) at GES DISC [GES_DISC_HRIRN3IM_V001]
The HRIRN3IM data product contains scanned negatives of photofacsimile 70mm film strips from the Nimbus-3 High-Resolution Infrared Radiometer. The images contain orbital daytime (0.7 to 1.3 microns) ...

6. Nimbus-3/HRIR Level 2 Earth's Cloud Cover and Temperature of Cloud Tops and Terrain Features V001 (HRIRN3L2) at GES DISC [GES_DISC_HRIRN3L2_V001]
The Nimbus High Resolution Infrared Radiometer (HRIR) was originally designed to perform two major functions: First, to map the Earth's cloud cover at night to complement the television coverage during ...

7. Thermal Emission Spectra from the Infrared Interferometer Spectrometer (IRIS) on Nimbus 3 and 4 [NIMBUS_IRIS]
The Infrared Interferometer Spectrometer (IRIS) on Nimbus 3 and 4 measured thermal emission of the Earth and its atmosphere in the spectral range of 5 to 20 micrometers, with nominal spectral resolutions ...

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