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1. Space Acquired Photography [SPACE_PHOTOS]
Gemini photography was acquired between March 23, 1965 and November 15, 1966. The images were collected as part of the Synoptic Terrain Photography and the Synoptic Weather Photography experiments ...

2. Alabama Remote Sensing Archive Multispectral Imagery of Alabama from Landsat and Skylab [ZZZ302]
Multispectral imagery of the state of Alabama is available from the Geological Survey of Alabama for the time period of 1972-1984. Imagery from the Landsat multispectral scanner ...

3. White-light Coronagraph Images from the Skylab/ATM [Skylab-04]
General information: Principle Investigator for the WHITE-LIGHT CORONAGRAPH experiment was Dr. R. Macqueen, U of Colorado, Boulder, CO This experiment, located in the Apollo Telescope Mount (ATM) ...

4. X-ray Images of the Solar Corona from the Skylab S-054 Telescope [Skylab-05]
The X-ray telescope (experiment S-054) was a grazing incidence instrument with a spatial resolution of approximately 2 arc seconds on axis and had six broadband X-ray filters in the 2 - 60 Angstroem ...

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