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1. Catalogue of Mean Sea Level Pressure Fields, West Antarctic Sector [IPY-ukraine]
Classification of atmospheric circulation by types ranged by their probability is carried out by means of statistically distinguished MSLP and geopotential fields. The most detail classification is ...

2. Brazilian Forest Carbon Dioxide and Water Vapour Flux Datasets (ABRACOS) [CPTEC_ABRACOS_FOREST_CO2_FLUX]
Average carbon dioxide and water vapor flux data were measured over the tropical forest at Reserva Jaru and Ji-Parana during the Anglo BRazilian Amazonian Clmate Observation Study (ABRACOS). The two ...

3. Brazilian Plant Physiology Datasets from the ABRACOS Project [CPTEC_ABRACOS_PLANT_PHYSIOLOGY]
These datasets contain plant physiology data recorded during the Anglo- BRazilian Amazonian Climate Observation (ABRACOS) study. Datasets are grouped into pasture, porometry, and in-canopy forest ...

4. Climate Datasets from Seven Observation Sites in Brazil (ABRACOS) [CPTEC_ABRACOS_AWS_CLIMATE]
These datasets consist of Automated Weather Station observations from seven sites involved with the Anglo-Brazilian Amazonian Climate Observation Study. Items measured were temperature, humidity, ...

5. Soil Moisture Datasets Recorded in Brazil during the ABRACOS project [CPTEC_ABRACOS_SOIL_MOISTURE]
These datasets consist of soil moisture readings measured at six sites in Brazil. Readings were taken close to each automatic weather station (AWS) except at Mabaus Forest where data was recorded ...

6. Micrometeorology and Evaporation Datasets from Five Observation Sites in Brazil (ABRACOS) [CPTEC_ABRACOS_MICRO_MET]
These datasets consist of hourly estimates of evaporation, heat flux and conductances recorded during the Anglo-BRazilian Amazonian Climate Observation Study (ABRACOS). This data is supported by climate ...

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