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1. AIDJEX Beaufort Sea Upward Looking Sonar April 1976 [G02191]
This data contains Upward Looking Sonar (ULS) profiles of the underside of the Arctic pack ice along three transects whose total length is 777 nautical miles. The data were obtained by the USS Gurnard ...

2. Physical and Chemical Properties from Selected Expeditions in the Arctic Ocean [ARCSS077]
This data collection includes measurements of temperature, salinity, conductivity, pH, and concentrations of silicate, oxygen, nitrate, nitrite, and phosphorus in the Arctic Ocean. The data were ...

3. Arctic Ice Dynamics Experiment (AIDJEX) (1975-1976) [gov.noaa.ncdc.C00307]
During the Summer of 1975 the Arctic Ice Dynamics Joint Experiment (AIDJEX) maintained four manned camps on ice floes in the Arctic Ocean. Instrumentation located at those camps, or deployed on floating ...

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