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1. 47-Year Time Series of Gridded Monthly Temperature, Precipitation, and Water Budget Variables [UDEL_47YR_CLIM_ARCH]
The University of Delaware Center for Climatic Research offers a 47-year time series of gridded monthly temperature, precipitation, and water budget variables data set. The data is split ...

2. University of Delaware Climate Resource Data [UDEL_CSD]
This collection of data is a product of joint efforts of University of Delaware, Seasonal to Interannual Earth Science Information Partner at Geaorge Mason University (GMU SIESIP), Center ...

3. SIESIP (Seasonal to Interannual Earth Science Information & Partners) Data [SIESIP_DATA_GSFC_GMU]
SIESIP is a distributed ESIP consortium involving several universities (George Mason University, and University of Delaware), an internationally known seasonal to interannual ...

4. The TRMM Monthly-mean Rain Rate Data at GMU [GMU_TRMM]
The GMU data sets include the monthly rain rates obtained by area-time integrating the TSDIS 3G68 that are hourly gridded rain rates for the TRMM algorithms, TMI (2a12), PR(2a25), TCA(2b31). The TRMM ...

5. NOAA/NASA SSM/I Pathfinder Daily Precipitation Rate Data [NOAA_NASA_SSMI_PR]
This data set is one of the NOAA/NASA Pathfinder Program products. The data set currently includes precipitation estimates over both land and ocean derived from the SSM/I instrument flown aboard the ...

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