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51. Interactive Software for Simulating Water and Chemical Movement in Unsaturated Soils [CHEMFLO]
The movement of water and chemicals into and through soils has a large impact upon our environment and the entire ecosystem. Understanding these processes is of great importance in managing, utilizing, ...

52. Visual Plumes Model System [EPA_VPLUME]
The Visual Plumes model system is a Windows-based software application for simulating surface water jets and plumes. It also assists in the preparation of mixing zone analyses, Total Maximum Daily ...

53. Web Based Hydrograph Analysis Tool (WHAT) [PURDUE_WHAT]
The Purdue University Web-Based Hydrography Analysis Tool (WHAT) allows users to view USGS stream flow data in a GIS setting. Users can also upload their own stream flow data to be visualized in this ...

54. Catchment Information System (CATCHIS) [CATCHIS]
CATCHIS is a Geographic Information System (GIS) based catchment information for managing the quality of regional water resources. The tool provides a management decision support system for investigating ...

55. WaterWatch -Map of real-time streamflow compared to historical streamflow for the day of the year (United States) [WaterWatch]
The "Real-time streamflow" map tracks short-term changes (over several hours) in rivers and streams. Although the general appearance of the map changes very little from one hour to the next, individual ...

56. The Weather Channel [Weather-dot-com]
The Weather Channel can provide weather data, such as current conditions, five day forecasts, severe weather alerts and maps right to your company's web site. We also have developed many new products ...

57. CHRR's Natural Disaster Hotspots: A Global Risk Analysis report [CHRR-Hotspots]
Hotspots Disasters represent a major source of risk for the poor. These natural events can wipe out development gains and accumulated wealth in developing countries. In this project we have assessed ...

58. System on AWIPS for Forecasting and Evaluation of Seas and Lakes (SAFESEAS) [NOAA-SafeSea]
The Weather Forecast Office (WFO) faces a stream of observations spread over a large area of water and land, and highly clustered in time. It must be constantly aware not only of current conditions ...

59. Advanced Hydrologic Prediction Services [AHPS-NWS]
The Advanced Hydrologic Prediction Services (AHP Services) provide new forecast products (including visual displays) depicting the magnitude and uncertainty of occurrence for hydrologic events from ...

60. Environmental Defense Funds Scorecard; An Interactive and Educational Site About Pollution [Scorecard-00]
(Summary adapted from the Scorecard Web site) Scorecard is a source of accessible local environmental information on the Internet. Users can type in a zip code to find out about local air pollution ...

61. Dartmouth Flood Observatory [Dartmouth_Flood_Ob]
The Dartmouth Flood Observatory produced this website as "a research tool for detection, mapping, measurement, and analysis of extreme flood events world-wide using satellite remote sensing." Users ...

62. Alaska-Pacific River Forecast [Alaska-River_Forecast]
Alaska-Pacific River Forecast Center provides information on flood warnings and watches. Information is also provided for the estimated dates for ice breakup of Alaskan rivers.

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