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AlertMe Pro is a weather alerting tool that resides in your system tray and displays your current temperature. When a watch, warning advisory or statement is issued it will scroll text like you see ...

102. Tsunami: The Great Wave [Tsunami_Great_Wave]
The series of web pages provides information on tsunamis. This site describes - what causes tsunamis - how tsunamis move - tsunami information - tsunami warning centers - what you should do "The ...

103. West Coast and Alaska Tsunami Warning Center (WC/ATWC) [NOAA_NWS_WCATWC]   CHILD SERFs
West Coast & Alaska Tsunami Warning Center provides information on most recent tsunamis (via email subscription service), how to prepare for a tsunami, and background information on tsunamis and earthquakes. ...

104. South East Asia and Indian Ocean Tsunami Response Map Viewer [PDC_Tsunami_MapViewer]   PARENT SERF
The Pacific Disaster Center has launched a spatial information map service, the Indian Ocean Geospatial Information Service, to support GIS data needs for emergency managers responding to the disaster. ...

105. Seismic Hazards of the US [Seismic_Hazard_USGS]
The hazard maps depict probabilistic ground motions and spectral response with 10%, 5%, and 2% probabilities of exceedance (PE) in 50 years. These maps correspond to return times of approximately ...

106. The National Wildland/Urban Interface Fire Program's "FireWise" [USDA_FIREWISE]
More Information: "" The Firewise Home Page was created for people who live or vacation in fire prone areas of North America. The information contained here will help you ...

107. American Red Cross - [ARC-Prepare]   PARENT SERF, a website brought to you by the American Red Cross and other community-based organizations to help you and your family prepare for natural and human-caused disasters. One of their key ...

108. The Next Big Earthquake in Alaska May Come Sooner Than You Think [EQ_Preparedness]
The Next Big Earthquake in Alaska May Come Sooner Than You Think is an informational site on earthquake safety and preparedness. Some of the topics covered include: - Earthquake safety do's and ...

109. Hurricane, Typhoon & Tropical Cyclone Tracking [Storm_Tracking]
Users can see the path of tropical cyclones in both GIF and PDF format. Individual regions can be found here: "" All areas shown at once can ...

110. Hurricane, Typhoon & Tropical Cyclone Strike Probabilities [Tropical_Storm_Probabilities]
It is possible to display the strike probabilities of a hurricane, typhoon, or a tropical cyclone. Users can click on a location or submit a latitude and longitude (or a comma seperated list of ...

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