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1. Hurricane Katrina Imagery from the NASA MODIS Rapid Response System [NASA_MODIS_RAPID_RESPONSE_KATRINA]
At the request of the U.S. Army and the Federal Emergency Management Agency, the NASA MODIS Rapid Response System is providing daily geo-rectified images of the U.S. Gulf Coast region to assist in ...

2. NASA JSC Crew Earth Observations (CEO) Astronaut Photography-Capital Cities [JSC_CEO_ESRS_ASTRONAUT_PHOTOGRAPHY_CAPITAL_CITIES]   PARENT DIF
Explore the capital cities around the world and the U.S. capital city collection, as captured from the International Space Station. This collection contains thousands of images of capital cities ...

3. LBA-ECO LC-01 Northern Ecuadorian Amazon Household Surveys, Summary Results: 1999 [LC01_HOUSEHOLDS_NEC]
This data set reports summary statistics from socioeconomic and demographic surveys administered to the male and female heads of household on 767 farm plots. The surveys were performed in the provinces ...

4. LBA-ECO LC-24 Landsat TM and ETM+ Land Cover, Southern Para, Brazil: 1984-2003 [LC24_LAND_COVER_SOUTHERN_PARA]
This data set is a five-class land cover for Southern Para for the years 1984 (Landsat MSS), 1988 (Landsat TM), 1996, and 2003 (Landsat ETM+). The final classification shows five classes derived using ...

5. Human Appropriation of Net Primary Productivity (HANPP) as a Percentage of Net Primary Productivity (NPP) [geodata_2033]
To construct the estimated NPP map (the amount of carbon produced by ecosystems per quarter-degree grid cell), the authors used the Carnegie Ames Stanford Approach carbon model. The model incorporates ...

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