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1. Geophysical (gravity and seismic reflection and refraction surveys) and oceanographic measurements in the Ross Sea to study the Ross Sea basin [K101_1980_1981_NZ_1]
Geophysical and oceanographic investigations were conducted in the Ross Sea during a McMurdo Sound to McMurdo Sound charter aboard the MV Benjamin Bowring. The main geophysical program was designed ...

2. Gravity and seismic data in the Windless Bight area, Ross Island and the Dailey Islands to determine possible lithospheric deformation due to the loading by young Ross Island volcanics [K101_1982_1986_NZ_1]
Where loading of the lithosphere by young volcanic piles has occurred, the lithosphere is found to be displaced downward beneath the load and at distances of about 200-300 km from the centre of the ...

3. Measurement of the earth's total magnetic field ahd seismic profile measurements between New Zealand and McMurdo Sound [K004_1963_1964_NZ_1]
Measurements of the earth's total magnetic field was conducted on board the HMNZS Endeavour from New Zealand to McMurdo Sound. Measurements were made with a proton magnetometer designed and trialled ...

Showing 1 through 3 of 3

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