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101. The structural and functional diversity of the shallow-water benthic community at Terra Nova Bay [K082_2001_2002_NZ_2]   PARENT DIF
The biodiversity of the seafloor community at Terra Nova Bay was investigated to determine the structural and functional diversity of the benthic community and to extend the latitudinal gradient survey ...

102. The temporal variation of meroplankton at Cape Roberts [K018_2008_2009_NZ_2]   PARENT DIF
Samples of meroplankton were collected through the ice as a feasibility study (of planktonic larval growth and nutrition) in the 2001-2002 field season. Samples were collected from Cape Evans about ...

103. The use of GIS mapping techniques to assess changes in vegetation at Cape Hallett [K024_2003_2004_NZ_1]
A detailed vegetation map of a 120m by 28m study site was published by Rudolph (1963). A paper copy of the original maps of this research was obtained from archives at the University of Ohio.The map ...

104. The use of computer models to predict changes in patterns and processes of terrestrial ecosystems in Antarctica: real data from automatic weather stations and digital cameras, dust samplers and soil samples [K024_2007_2008_NZ_1]
Field work was carried out to add to the creation of a dynamic geographic information system in which the specific observations about patterns and processes of the physical environment, plus observations ...

105. Trace metal analysis of sea ice at Granite Harbour [K043_2009_2010_NZ_1]
Samples of sea ice and surface snow were collected from the region around the Granite Harbour camp. Samples were melted and filtered in ultra clean conditions and returned to NZ for analysis.

106. Water nutrient chemistry of ponds on Bratina Island, Antarctica [K081_2004_2005_NZ_3]
Tweleve ponds on the McMurdo Ice Shelf were sampled to create and annual data set of water nutrient chemistry (DRP, NH4-N, NO3-N, TDN, TDP), pH, conductivity, temperature, phytoplankton chlorophyll ...

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