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ENGLISH Data on bacterial biomass, bacterial processes and adaptation to in situ conditions of ocean; data on quantity and quality of organic matter. Water samples were collected from Niskin bottles. ...

2. Bottom Side-scan sonar images of the southern part of the Kongsfjorden [1060_1_IPEV_FR]
Side-scan sonar images of the bottom seafloor in the coastal zone (0-50m depth). Covering the southern part of the Kongsfjorden (Brandalpunten-Kongsvegen).

3. French-EPOCA [1008_0_IPEV_FR]
All data will made public via EPOCA according to EPOCA rules.

ENGLISH Data collected by the Chemical Oceanography Laboratory (LOC/CHIMAR, France) in the frame of two main programs: 1) nitrogen fluxes in the food web, fluid transports for coastal systems and ...

5. Seawater carbonate chemistry, shell linear extension and calcification during calcein staining and 45Ca experiments with pteropod Limacina helicina, 2009 [1008_1_IPEV_FR]
Thecosome pteropods (shelled pelagic molluscs) can play an important role in the food web of various ecosystems and play a key role in the cycling of carbon and carbonate. Since they harbor an aragonitic ...

6. Settling velocities of the suspended sediment in the Kongsfjorden waters [1060_3_IPEV_FR]
Settling velocities of the suspended sediment in the Kongsfjorden waters were obtained using owen tubes. Several measurements were achieved using different types of suspended sediment (Kogsfjorden ...

7. Turbidity, water level and temperature measurement in the Kongsfjorden [1060_0_IPEV_FR]
Water Level, temperature and turbidity measurements achieved by an oceanographic instrument (NKE - STBD20) at the mouth of the Goule River.

8. Water sampling in the Kogsfjorden [1060_2_IPEV_FR]
100 water sampling (surface and bottom) using niskin bottles in the Kongsjorden near the Bayelva and goule river plumes. Water sampling was used to obtain turbidity in water and MEB images.

9. Weekly Polar Sea-Ice Grid from the ERS-1 Scatterometer, available on CD-ROM from IFREMER [IFREMER_CERSAT_ERS1_SEAICE_CD]
This CD-ROM contains weekly grids of sea ice backscatter data from the ERS-1 scatterometer for both polar regions. The data cover the time period 5 August 1991 through 26 May 1996. The grid used ...

Showing 1 through 9 of 9

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