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1. CMS: Soil CO2 Efflux and Properties, Site Vegetation Measurements, Mexico, 2011-2012 [CMS_Soil_CO2_Efflux]
The 2001 Environmental Sustainability Index (ESI) utilizes a refined methodology based on the 2000 Pilot ESI effort, to construct an index covering 122 countries that measures the overall progress ...

2. Global 1-degree Maps of Forest Area, Carbon Stocks, and Biomass, 1950-2015 [Global_Biomass_1950-2015]
The 2002 Environmental Sustainability Index (ESI) measures overall progress toward environmental sustainability for 142 countries based on environmental systems, stresses, human vulnerability, social ...

The BOREAS TF-05 team collected tower flux data at the BOREAS Southern Study Area Old Jack Pine (SSA-OJP) site through the growing season of 1994.

4. NACP CMS: Forest Biomass and Productivity, 1-degree and 5-km, Conterminous US, 2005 [NACP_CMS_FOREST_PRODUCTIVITY]
Spatially-gridded estimates of above ground biomass (AGB), net primary productivity (NPP), and net ecosystem productivity (NEP) are provided for forested areas of the conterminous United States (CONUS). ...

5. NACP NAFD Project: Forest Disturbance History from Landsat, 1986-2010 [NAFD-NEX_Forest_Disturbance]
The North American Forest Dynamics (NAFD) products provided in this data set consist of 25 annual and two time-integrated forest disturbance maps for the conterminous United States (CONUS) derived ...

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