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51. The PGS Toolkit [PGS_Toolkit]
The PGS Toolkit is a set of tools is designed to manage the metadata that are generated with each EOS product, i.e., the granule-level metadata. The tools also provide a mechanism for populating the ...

52. General Information about the IAI-DIS (Inter-American Institute for Global Change Research - Data and Information Service) [IAI-Programs-CRN]
(Adapted from IAI-DIS home page) The IAI-DIS is a collaborative database system through which scientific organizations in the Americas can contribute and share information about their Global Change ...

53. RITI Computer Aided Resource Information System (CARIS) DIGEST Object Manage (DOM) [RITI-CARIS_DOM]
CARIS (Computer Aided Resource Information System) DOM (DIGEST Object Manager) is an integrated set of tools for the creation, updating, and management of DIGEST DNC and VMAP databases. CARIS DOM's ...

54. DLESE metadata and collection information [DLESE_Metadata]
Metadata is structured, descriptive information about a resource. It is the information that is gathered and recorded about a resource. For DLESE this means providing information like a title, description, ...

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