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1. Shackleton Glacier Radiocarbon Data [hall_0838615]
This dataset consists of radiocarbon dates of ancient algae from former ice-dammed ponds along Shackleton Glacier.

2. NASA: Reconstructions of fire activity based on charcoal records shows fire history over the last millennium. [NASA_ReconstructionsFireActivity844-2100]
Reconstructions of fire activity based on charcoal records shows fire history over the last millennium (gray). The new wildfire model (red) matches the charcoal record closely. When combined with ...

3. SVS-CSB: Poster of the Jakobshavn Glacier Calving Front Recession from 1851 to 2010 [SVS-CSB_JakobshavnGlacier1851-2009]
The Jakobshavn Isbrae glacier, also known as Sermeq Kujalleq, is located on the west coast of Greenland at Latitude 69 degrees N. The ice front, where the glacier calves into the sea, receded more ...

4. USGS: Modeled Climate-Induced Glacier Change in Glacier National Park, 1850-2100 [USGS_ClimateInducedGlacierChangeGlacierNationalPark1850-2100]
The glaciers in the Blackfoot?Jackson Glacier Basin of Glacier National Park, Montana, decreased in area from 21.6 square kilometers (km2) in 1850 to 7.4 km2 in 1979. Over this same period global ...

5. BAS: Thinning of Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets 2003-2007 [BAS-LasersGreenlandAntarctic2003-2007]
The team used data from NASA?s high-resolution ICESat (Ice, Cloud and Land Elevation Satellite). Launched in January 2003, ICESat was sent into a polar orbit to examine changes in the world's ice ...

6. NCDC: Highly variable Northern Hemisphere temperatures reconstructed from low- and high-resolution proxy data [NCDCNHTemperaturesReconstructed200-2000]
The reconstruction from Moberg et al. (2005) utilizes complementary information from proxy data that preserve both low- and high-frequency climate information. High-resolution data from tree rings ...

7. UNEP: Shrinking Lewis Glacier, Mount Kenya [UNEP_ShrinkingLewisGlacierMountKenya1893-2004]
Shrinking Lewis Glacier, Mount Kenya. The tropical Lewis Glacier retreated by more than 800 m between 1893 and 2004 and lost almost 16 m water equivalent of its thickness between 1979 and 1996. Located ...

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