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The Global Geophysical Fluids Center (GGFC) and the associated eight Special Bureaus (SB) have the responsibility of supporting, facilitating, and providing services to the worldwide research community, in areas related to the variations in Earth rotation, gravity field and geocenter that are caused by mass transport in the global geophysical fluids. Mass transports in the geophysical fluids will cause the following geodynamic effects on a broad time scale: (1) variations in the solid Earth's rotation (in length-of-day/universal time and polar motion/nutation) via the conservation of angular momentum and effected by torques at the fluid-solid Earth interfaces; (2) changes in the gravity field according to Newton's gravitational law; (3) motion in the center of mass of the solid Earth relative to that of the whole Earth ("geocenter") via the conservation of linear momentum; and (4) mass loading effects normally manifested in surface deformations and movements.


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