Data Center Entry Identifier


Unique identifier of the Data Center Ancillary Description.
<DEntry_ID> Text entry identifier </DEntry_ID>
  • Required field.
  • May be used only once.
  • 1 to 160 alphanumeric characters from the printable UTF-8 character set, except ">"
  • Should be written in all capital letters.
  • Must be selected from the Data Center keywords (see Keywords) if updating the document.
  • The data center identifiers (short names) are semicontrolled; i.e. new data center identifiers may only be added if the data center does not already appear in the Data Center Keyword List.
  • The identifier is usually a mnemonic or abbreviated version of the long name. When submitting a new identifier, always check the Data Center Keyword List to ensure mutual exclusivity among data center short names. No two data centers may have the same short name.
  • Data centers which are part of a larger organization may have a compound short name made up of the organization short name and the data center short name; for example: INPE/DAE/FISAT. This is helpful for users conducting broad searches because the users may query on the substring INPE and receive all Data Center Ancillary Descriptions from INPE, regardless of division.


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