IDN Node

The Internal Directory Name (IDN) field is used internally to identify association, responsibility and/or ownership of the ancillary description information. Formerly, this field was used exclusively for identifying the Committee on Earth Observation Satellites (CEOS) International Directory Network (IDN) node assigned to the instrument metadata record. However, the use of this field has been extended to include other associations that may be used in the creation of GCMD/IDN portals or subsets of the GCMD content. This field is usually not displayed to the user, but can be populated through a pull-down menu list in the docBUILDER tools.
<IDN_Node><Short_Name>IDN Node Keyword</Short_Name></IDN_Node>
  • The <IDN_Node> is recommended and may not be repeated.
  • Only <IDN_Node> keywords may be used.
<IDN_Node> Japan/JAXA</IDN_Node>
<IDN_Node> Germany/DLR</IDN_Node>


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