Sensors associated with the primary instrument. This field consists of only the short name(s) of the sensor(s) as defined in the GCMD database.

Thumbnail image of instrument This image demonstrates the ASTER instrument, which holds the VNIR, SWIR, and TIR sensors.

<Short_Name>sensor short name keyword</Short_Name>

* Short_Name: 1 to 31 characters from the printable UTF-8 character set.

  • Highly recommended.
  • <Short_Name> may be repeated.
  • <Short_Name> must be selected from the list of sensor keywords.
  • If the <Instrument_Associated_Sensors> field is to be populated, a short name must be provided and must be selected either from the controlled keyword list of sensor names or added by the author. See for rules and specifications for the <Short_Name>.

[An example of sensors associated with the ASTER instrument.]
< Instrument_Associated_Sensors >
</ Instrument_Associated_Sensors >


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