The Instrument_Logistics field contains information about the starting date of the instrument operation, owner(s) of the instrument, and data rate.

  • <Data_Rate> The amount of digital data that is moved from one place to another in a given time; usually in a second's time, through a communications line or channel. For example, <Data_Rate>450 kbps</Data_Rate>. (Adapted from: Sippl/Kidd; Searchvoip)
  • <Instrument_Start_Date> The date that an instrument became operational.
  • <Instrument_Stop_Date> The date that an instrument ceased operation.
  • <Instrument_Owner> The organization(s) responsible for the development and operation of the instrument.

<Data_Rate>real number or text</Data_Rate>
<Instrument_Owner>text</ Instrument_Owner>

  • <Data_Rate> and <Instrument_Owner> are free text fields and may contain 1 to 80 characters of the printable UTF-8 character set.
  • The <Instrument_Start_Date> and <Instrument_Stop_Date> fields contains year, month, and day and must follow the International Standard ISO 8601 in the
    form: yyyy-mm-dd
  • The <Instrument_Logistics> field is highly recommended and repeatable.
  • The <Data_Rate> field within <Instrument_Logistics> are recommended and not repeatable.
  • The <Instrument_Start_Date> and <Instrument_Stop_Date> are recommended and not repeatable.
  • Please specify units with <Data_Rate>. Some example units are: T-(Tera), G- (Giga), M- (mega) bps (bytes per second). For example, <Data_Rate>500 Mbps</Data_Rate>.
  • The <Instrument_Owner> is recommended and repeatable.

[Example taken from MODIS.]
   <Data_Rate>6.2 Mbps (average), 10.5 Mbps (daytime), 3.2 Mbps (nighttime). </Data_Rate>
   <Instrument_Start_Date>2002-06-25</ Instrument_Start_Date>
   <Instrument_Owner>NASA</ Instrument_Owner>

[Example taken from the NASA Scatterometer (NSCAT).]
  <Instrument_Start_Date>1996-08-16</ Instrument_Start_Date>
  <Instrument_Stop_Date>1997-06-30</ Instrument_Stop_Date>
  <Instrument_Owner>NASA</ Instrument_Owner>


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