<Platform_Logistics> contains information on the launch date, location, and sponsor(s) of the platform operation.
  • <Launch_Date>: The date of launch of the platform.
  • <Launch_Site>: The installation from which the platform was launched. For example, <Launch_Site>Vandenberg Air Force Base, California</Launch_Site>. The <Launch_Site> can be selected from the list of launch site keywords.
  • <Design_Life>: The period of time during which the platform is expected by its designers to work within specified parameters; i.e., the “life expectancy” of the platform.
  • <Primary_Sponsor>: The organization responsible for the operation of the platform.

<Launch_Site>the name of the installation from which the platform was launched (e.g., facility, county); select from the set of keywords. </Launch_Site>
<Design_Life>design life expectancy in days, months, or years; include units.</Design_Life>
<Primary_Sponsor>organization(s) supporting the platform</Primary_Sponsor>

  • <Design_Life> and <Primary_Sponsor> are free text fields and may contain 1 to 80 characters of the printable UTF-8 character set.
  • <Launch_Site> can be selected from the set of controlled launch site keywords.
  • The <Launch_Date> field contains year, month and day and must follow the International Standard ISO 8601 in the form : yyyy-mm-dd.
  • The <Platform_Logistics> field is highly recommended and not repeatable.
  • These fields within <Platform_Logistics> are optional and not repeatable:
    • <Launch_Date>
    • <Launch_Site>
    • <Design_Life>
  • The <Primary Sponsor> field within <Platform_Logistics> is optional and repeatable.

[Example taken from AQUA.]
<Launch_Site>Vandenberg Air Force Base, California</Launch_Site>
<Design_Life>6 years</Design_Life>
<Primary_Sponsor>Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) </Primary_Sponsor>
<Primary_Sponsor>Brazilian Institute for Space Research (INPE) </Primary_Sponsor>


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