Synonymous names that may be used to identify a platform (source). Often a platform, especially space-based platforms, may have synonymous names or identifiers by which these platforms are known, such as Committee on Space Research (COSPAR) international identification numbers or the US Strategic Command (USSTRATCOM) catalog identifiers. The <Synonymous_Platform_Names> field consists of a short name or identifier.

<Short_Name>platform short name</Short_Name>

*<Short_Name>: 1 to 31 characters from the printable UTF-8 character set.

  • Recommended.
  • <Short_Name> may be repeated.
  • If the <Synonymous_Platform_Names> field is populated, a short name must be provided.

[Synonymous names for the platform Aqua].
<Short_Name>EOS PM-1</Short_Name>


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