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The <Distribution> field describes media options, size, format, and fees involved in distributing the service.

  • <Distribution_Media>The media options for the user receiving the service.
  • <Distribution_Size>An approximate size (in KB, MB or GB) for the entire service or software.
  • <Distribution_Format>The format used to distribute the service.
  • <Fees> Cost of <Distribution_Media> or distribution costs if any. Specify if there are no costs.

    <Distribution_Media>Text up to 80 characters</Distribution_Media>
    <Distribution_Size>Text up to 80 characters</Distribution_Size>
    <Distribution_Format>Text up to 80 characters
    <Fees>Text up to 80 characters</Fees>

  • Characters may be selected from the UTF-8 character set.
  • The <Distribution> field is highly recommended and may be repeatable.
  • <Distribution> subfields may only appear once within <Distribution>.
  • Keywords for <Distribution_Media> may be selected from the Suggested Distribution Media Keywords List.
  • Keywords for <Distribution_Format> may be selected from the Suggested Distribution Format Keywords List

    <Distribution_Size>25 MB</Distribution_Size>
    <Distribution_Format>ESRI shapefile</Distribution_Format>


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