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The <Multimedia_Sample> field allows the author to provide information that will enable the display of a sample image, movie or sound clip within the SERF. 

  • <File> describes the filename where the multimedia sample can be found. If the multimedia sample file resides on the GCMD server, the filename should be specified in this field.  If the file is to be transferred to the GCMD, arrangements should be made with GCMD staff. (Note: this is not typical).
  • <URL> is the URL to be accessed <Format> is the format of the multimedia sample file (which may differ from the format of the data files), i.e. GIF, TIFF, JPEG.
  • <Caption> is a one-line description of the multimedia sample used as a caption when the sample is displayed. The caption is especially useful for images such as graphs and photos.
  • <Description> A more detailed description of the multimedia sample.
   <File>text, up to 80 characters</File>
   <URL>URL up to 600 characters</URL>
   <Format>text up to 80 characters</Format>
   <Caption>text up to 80 characters</Caption>
   <Description>multiple lines of text</Description>

  • Each field may contain one line of 1 to 80 characters, except <URL> fields, which may contain one line of 1 to 600 characters. The <Description> field may contain multiple lines of 1 to 80 characters per line. Characters may be selected from the UTF-8 character set.
  • The <Multimedia_Sample> field is recommended and can be repeated. Individual subfields may not be repeated.
  • If the <Multimedia_Sample> is populated in the SERF, a URL is required.
  • Keywords for the Format subfield may be selected from the Suggested Multimedia Sample Format Keywords List. 

    <Caption>GOES Satellite Image of a tropical cyclone</Caption>
      Hurricanes are tropical cyclones with winds that exceed 64
      knots (74 mi/hr) and circulate counter-clockwise about their
      centers in the Northern Hemisphere (clockwise in the Southern

    <Caption>Engelmann's Prickly Pear (Opuntia engelmannii)</Caption>
      The "Plant Selector" allows users to describe a plant using
      vegetative characteristics and search the database for matches. For
      example, search for all cacti with yellow flowers. The process shown
      reveals that Engelmann's Prickly Pear (Opuntia engelmannii) is one of
      23 cacti with yellow flowers.


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