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Where can I find Maps, Aerial and Satellite photos, Digital Elevation Models (DEMs), GIS data or Digital Line Graphs (DLGs)?

The GCMD contains descriptions and locational information of many of these products.
You might also try these other web sites:

  • Search for US Orthoquads by county
  • Search for Aerial Photos (NAPP)
  • Search for Landsat Data (note, there are special programs for reduced rates on data for students, research, certain organizations, etc. Contact EDC customer services for more info.)

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  • Search for declassified military satellite photos
  • Find Digital Line Graphs (DLG)
  • For Nautical charts and maps go to NOAA's National Ocean Service
  • For NASA imagery, visit NASA's Visible Earth

  • Still have questions about finding a map? Ask the GCMD science staff GCMD User Support.

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