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Where can I find the weather forecast for my location?

There are many excellent sources of weather forecasts on the World Wide Web. This FAQ was created to help point you in the right direction.

Where do I find weather forecasts for locations in the United States and Canada?

The National Weather Service ( NWS ) is responsible for issuing public weather forecasts for all locations in the United States. For local weather information you may want to connect to the closest NWS office to your home. Here is a list of all offices nationwide.

The Meteorological Service of Canada (MSC) is responsible for issuing all Canadian weather forecasts. For a complete listing of current conditions and local forecasts by province, go to the MSC Home Page.

There are also many universities and privately operated agencies offering weather forecasts. Go to the GCMD's list of weather forecast sites.

Where do I find weather forecasts for locations world wide?

The Weather Underground is an excellent source for international weather forecasts.

Still have questions about the weather? Ask the GCMD science staff at GCMD User Support or e-mail the meteorology coordinator Scott Ritz.

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