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Science User Working Group "Terms of Reference"

I. Purpose

The Global Change Master Directory's Science User Working Group was formed to provide consultation on the future direction of the GCMD and to provide discipline-specific assistance in populating the directory in accord with the GCMD's mission statement. The foundation of the mission stems from NASA's pioneering efforts involving online metadata services and interoperability.

II. Membership

The GCMD's Science User Working Group members should recognize the importance of high quality data management. All members are requested to become frequent users of the GCMD and provide routine, interactive feedback on its content.   Members are also asked to share their knowledge of new data sources and Earth science related services, along with potential collaborators, who may wish to share content and technology.

The committee shall be composed of:

  • A chairperson (or co-chairs) selected from within the group, with the acknowledgement of NASA Headquarters, NASA's Earth Science Data and Information System (ESDIS) project, and NASA Goddard's Global Change Data Center management. The chairperson will serve a maximum term of four years but may serve a total of six years on the committee.

  • A Lead Scientist, representing Code 600, from Goddard Space Flight Center, who will serve a maximum term of four years but may serve a total of six years on the committee.

  • One international representative from the Committee on Earth Observation Satellite's (CEOS) Working Group on Information Systems and Services (WGISS) and the International Directory Network (IDN), who may serve a maximum of six years.

  • A minimum of four additional members chosen to represent major Earth science disciplines.   These members may represent Universities, data centers, or other U.S. Federal agencies and may serve a maximum of six years.

III. Duties

The GCMD's Science User Working Group shall meet biennially for a two-day session to review progress on plans and recommendations related to providing (1) guidance on future direction and development, (2) assistance in assessing user and data provider trends, (3) approaches to enhancing the visibility of the GCMD - especially methods to reach potential users and obtain their feedback, (4) guidance on strategies to enhance users' abilities to locate data, and (5) ongoing information concerning new data sets, new resources, and technological innovations.

Immediately following the biennial meeting, the UWG should conduct a briefing for the GCMD's Project Manager. Within three months of the annual meeting, the UWG should complete a formal report with their responses and recommendations to the annual activities and accomplishments. The chairperson will request the participation of all members.

Matters requiring feedback from the UWG between meetings may be addressed to the Chairman or the lead NASA scientist, who may contact members for their input.

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